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Swatches & Review: a England Gothic Beauties Collection

After The Mythicals and The Legend here comes Gothic Beauties. I'm talking about the newest a England nail polish collection of course. Five new shades inspired by the enchanting spirit of England and it's myths. 

From left to right: Dorian Gray, Jane Eyre, Ophelia, Lady of Shalott and Tess d'Ubervilles.
a England Gothic Beauties Collection

Color drops:
a England Gothic Beauties Collection

a England, Dorian Gray, 2 coats
a England Gothic Beauties Collection - Dorian Gray
Dorian Grey is a shimmery gunmetal grey. It's dark (but not too much) with the shimmer that gives it a bit of mystery. I love a good charcoal/gunmetal grey and I think this one is going into my favorite grey bin. Not that I have one, but you know what I mean.

a England, Jane Eyre, 2 coats
a England Gothic Beauties Collection - Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre is a black based polish with duochrome plum/orange shimmer. It's so gorgeous in the bottle but unfortunately the duochrome effect isn't visible on the nails. You can see some plum shimmer, but the orange is much stronger in the bottle. 

a England, Lady of Shalott, 2 coats
a England Gothic Beauties Collection - Lady of Shalott
Lady of Shalott is a black based polish with duochrome blue to purple shimmer. Just like with Jane Eyre, only one color is seen while on the nails. The result is a deep black with blue-ish sheen. 

a England, Ophelia, 2 coats
a England Gothic Beauties Collection - Ophelia
Ophelia is a black based polish with a duochrome purple to orange shimmer. It's the darkest of the collection and the one that shines the least. The shimmer is barely visible on my nails and it pretty much looks like a black nail polish under normal lighting. 

a England, Tess d'Ubervilles, 2 coats
a England Gothic Beauties Collection - - Tess d'Ubervilles
Tess d'Ubervilles is a black based color with green shimmer. The shimmer in this one reminds me of rainforest. It's very rich and vivid but the black base kind of kills it on the nails. 

Polishes from the a England Gothic Beauties collection on natural lighting:
a England Gothic Beauties Collection

I was SO excited when I got the polishes from this collection, I can't even tell you. I was ooooh-ing and aahhh-ing while unpacking them because they look simply amazing in the bottles - especially the four black based ones. The duochrome shimmer in them makes them look magical and I couldn't wait to put them on my nails. The quality of all these is the same and pretty much what I expected it to be - superb! The formula is just right which makes the application super easy. The brushes were all good and non wonky, I basically didn't have to do any clean-up after the application. All polishes are fully opaque in 2 thin coats. As I said, the polishes get an A+ for the quality. 
As much as I adore a England polishes I do have to admit I'm a bit disappointed when it comes to color/finish of these shades. The way they look in the bottles is just WOW and after the application there's so little shimmer on my nails it almost looks like I ruined the magic somehow. Dorian Gray is the only one from the collection that looks pretty much the same the way it looks in the bottle (it did dry a bit darker on my nails). That's why it became my favorite in the bunch. It's followed by Tess d'Ubervilles and Lady of Shalott which have the strongest color sheen and don't look too dark. Jane Eyre shows just a hint of it's shimmer while Ophelia could also be a plain black creme - on the nails of course. 
When it comes to the name of the collection and the colors on my nails, I get it. Gothic Beauties are supposed to be dark and gloomy, I just wish I could get some of the awesomeness from the bottle on my nails as well. 

a England polishes are big 3 free and cruelty free.

*Polishes were sent to me for review.

What do you think of the Gothic Beauties?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Even though I think that a-E have way more beatiful polishes, I'm in love with those! :)

  2. i have many nail polish by Adina, they are nice ad original, but they are amazing expecially in the sunlight or flashlight, i'am thinking for example about saint george. They live of light but under daylight they loose some of their beauty. Seeing swatches of these new beauties from Adina, i'am thinking if i don't wnat another black polish, as camelot, i must not by gothic beauties, bnut they seeme so nice in the bottle. Adina must increase glitters in these black bases!! Thank you for swatches!!!

  3. They show so little colour at first I thought my monitor was playing tricks on me, since I came to expect more from a England.

  4. They look so boring on the nails :/

  5. I didn 't like them, too dark and too pricey for the effect they promise; from a distance they're black, no shimmer at all, MEH.

  6. Všeč mi je koncept kolekcije, ker me v tem trenutku privlači vse, kar je mistično in angleško. Laki so v stekleničkah resnično čudoviti in škoda, da tega ne pokažejo tudi na nohtih. Tako pa vsaj Dorian Grey pride na svoj račun, ker bi bil sicer najbrž spregledan. :)
    Drugi najljubši bi moral biti Tess d'Ubervilles. Taka vilinsko zelena je vedno zadetek.

  7. These are all absolutely stunning, I love them! You're a lucky girl :)

  8. ahh, shame, but they look so promising in the bottles..

  9. they look absolutely amazing in the bottles at least. I am waiting for my Tess in the mail, it is my favorite shade in the bunch

  10. I totally share your feelings on this collection. They look great in the bottle, I'd love to have them all - but when it comes to swatches on nails, they just lose some magic. So sad. I love the concept though and I'm sure one day or another I'm going to buy some of them anyways, especially Dorian Gray!

  11. I'm definitely in love with Dorian Gray!! It's my kind of color ;0). The others are too dark for me.

  12. Vsi oddtenki so čudoviti, Lady of Shalott pa še posebaj- tak pridih zvezdnatega neba :) xx

  13. The concept of these is so great, but I am still ot convinced of their beauty based on swatches I've seen.. Wish the shimmer was more visible!

  14. I love the Dorian Grey. I would like to try it out and add to my collection of nail polishes. The colors of these nail polishes are ideal for evening parties but for me it is not ideal for everyday wear. I prefer lighter shades that makes my nails look natural.

  15. I love them in the bottle, but on the nails they are disappointing. What a pity. Anyway, thank you for the great swatches (incl. the daylight picture!) :)

  16. Ah, I almost started drooling when I saw the photo of the bottles. But then, on the nails, they really disappointed me, just like you. Though Tess d'Uberville (whoever that was, I'll google it) still looks interesting. (But not enough for me to really want to own it.)
    Dorian Gray is the only one that looks as good on the nails as in the bottle, but grey is not my favorite color.
    What a shame, the black based ones looked so promising in the bottles.

  17. Strinjam se s tabo, v flaški zgledajo več kot fantastični, vendar potem so pravo razočaranje. Mislim, da tokrat ji lakci niso preveč uspeli,iskreno rečeno. Zares škoda, ker po navadi so fantastični


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