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Swatches & Review: NV Nail Polish

The first time I heard of NV Colour nail polish was when people from Glitter Store contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try some of the shades. I love trying new brands, so how could I say no to that? Glitter Store peeps were kind enough to send me 7 shades of NV Colour varnish from different collections: neon, magnetic, shatter, mirror (aka chrome), chameleon (aka color change), glitter and regular nail polish. Whoa. Quite a selection, right?
NV Nail Polish
NV Colour polishes come in square-ish bottles, except for the magnetic ones which come in round bottles. Each bottle is packaged in cute paper box - it looks colorful and cool, but I also think it's unnecessary. I'd usually throw the box away, but there's a problem - there's no name of the polish on the actual bottle, just on the paper box. I think NV Colour should change that. 

Mandatory color drops:
NV Nail Polish

NV Colour, Chameleon, Funky to Flirty, 3 coats
NV Nail Polish Chameleon in Funky to Flirty
Funky to Flirty is a chameleon. It means the polish changes color based on the temperature of your nails/fingers. Color goes from cool pink when warm to purple when cold. It contains small silver glitter which makes the polish look more interesting. And a bit harder to remove. This polish needed 3 coats for full opacity. I'm not to crazy about that, but I did like everything else about it. The application was easy, formula was good and so was the brush.

The color change is best seen when you put your nails in hot/cold water. The change would probably be better seen on longer nails. 
NV Nail Polish Chameleon in Funky to Flirty

NV Colour, Shatter, Blue Flash, 1 coat (over NV Colour Peekaboo)
NV Nail Polish Shatter in Blue Flash
Some shatter/crackle nail polishes need to be layered over dry and some over wet nail polish. I couldn't find any instructions for this one (you should put it on the box, NV Colour!) so I just tried by applying Blue Flash over my previous dry Peekaboo color. It worked. The size of the cracks depends on the thickness of the polish coat - the thicker the coat, the bigger the cracks. Blue Flash is very opaque and it dries and cracks SUPER fast. The formula is normal and easy to work with. This is definitely one of the best crackle polishes I've tried so far.

NV Colour, Glitter, Gold Glitz, 2 coats (over NV Colour Purple Rain)
NV Nail Polish Glitter in Gold Glitz
Gold Glitz reminded me of Kleancolor nail polishes. Those of you who have tried them know what I'm talking about - that smell. The formula was OK though. I used 2 coats for the effect you see above and I have to admit I'm not too crazy about this one. 

NV Colour, Magnetise, Bronze, 2 coats
NV Nail Polish Magnetise in Bronze
Bronze is a polish shade from the magnetic family. Unlike the rest of the NV Colour polishes, this one comes in a round bottle with the magnet on top of the cap. The cap comes off which makes it easy to use. I wish this shade was more opaque, but it's working. The formula is good and the brush is great. 

NV Colour, Mirror Mirror, Sapphire Haze, 2 coats
NV Nail Polish Mirror Mirror in Sapphire Haze
Sapphire Haze is a tricky one. The name suggests this is a chrome polish when it's actually a very dense foil.  Almost a chrome looking foil and one of very few foils I liked having on my nails. Sapphire Haze is surprisingly opaque for a foil - completely opaque in 2 coats. And what surprises me even more is how much I like this one. 

NV Colour, Neon, Purple Rain, 3 coats
NV Nail Polish Neon in Purple Rain
Purple Rain belongs to the neon family. Another shade that made me think there's something wrong with me. It's a shade with jelly-like finish and it needs three coats for almost full opacity - yet I love it! Formula is thin, the brush is impecable and the application is heavenly. My favorite of the bunch. 

NV Colour, Collection Naturals, Peekaboo, 2-3 coats
NV Nail Polish The Colour Collection in Peekaboo
Peekaboo is the ''normal'' one. Good old creme with glossy finish. Nothing much to say about this one. Good formula, good brush and I'm quite satisfied with the opacity as well. Peekaboo could easily be a 2-coater if my coats weren't so unconsistent. I had to use a third coat on one or two nails because it looks better on photos. 

All in all, I'm quite impressed with the NV Colour polishes. I was really happy to see flat brushes and the quality of these polishes is really good. I like the fact they don't have a strong scent (except for the glitter one). I love the way these polishes apply and their short drying time. The only thing I miss are the names on the polish bottles. 

You can buy NV Colour polishes online in Glitter Store for £2.99 to £4.99 per bottle. Also, check out NV Colour Facebook page. 

*Polishes were sent to me by Glitter Store for review. 

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  1. The chameleon colours is so cute! more of a spring time colour though. Purple rain looks gorgeous and great for Autumn!

  2. A great selection!
    They have a lot of great polishes!

  3. Interesting! I've never heard of this brand...Chameleon polishes are very intriguing. I'll have a check :-) thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all there colours and theres something very appealing about the boxes? Mm I like!

    Jazz x

  5. sapphire haze just looks it

  6. Mirror Mirror is to die for. wow!!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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