Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #39

I know it's not weekend, but I have just too much to say to be waiting for Saturday. I hope you don't mind... And if you do - just skip this one and I'll continue with nail polish in my next post. ;) 


Thank you for all your comments on my previous posts. Some of you mentioned you want to know more about my stay on Djerba - plus more photos. Should I write a post on my experiences there? I really don't know if it would be of your interest. Let me know. Until then, here are the items I purchased there (plus a plush camel for my niece Vita which I didn't took photos of). 
Djerba Buy

I had the best mint tea on Djerba and I had to buy some to take home with me. It's not as good as it was there, but it's pretty aromatic. My BF got me 100% argan oil which I'll most probably only use for my hair and I got this mineral which was supposed to be amethyst, but it's not. 
Djerba Mineral
This piece of rock will be the reminder of how fu*ked I got on Djerba. XD The seller convinced me it's amethyst and I'm pretty clueless when it comes to minerals. The only thing I do know is that it's supposed to be purple. Once I bought it, I realized it's dyed purple. I had a good laugh and it will remain a great memory. Hee hee... I still love the way it looks. Real or not, it's pretty. And it's from Tunisia. 


The mineral above wasn't the only not so good buy lately. I recently purchased a customized necklace via Ebay and it's not exactly what I expected. I wanted a personalized name necklace for a while now. I don't feel too comfortable walking around with my name around my neck, so I decided to go with my ''alter-ego''.
Nihrida Necklace
The design is good... great actually, but the person who made it probably thought it would be a good idea to put a 925 (silver) mark on the front side of the name plate. Damn! This isn't right. Be careful if you're gonna do the same - let the seller know you want your silver mark on the back side. We learn all the time...
Nihrida Necklace


I know you're gonna say what took me so long - I finally got a storage box for my earrings and other small jewellery pieces. I found it in the craft part of the store for a little more than 1€. I recommend.
Craft Storage Box


My latest nail polish buy:
Nail Polish Buy
I found almost completely untouched display of the new Essence Wild Craft TE and Cherry Blossom Girl TE the other day. I almost bought those paper eyelashes and lipstick in a pencil, but change my mind with a little help of my sister. And I'm glad I did. I wouldn't wear any of it anyway. Polishes seemed dupeable and the other products were not that interesting. I got one polish from the Wild Craft edition though - Mystic Lilac. The green eyeshadow was to die for. Not buying it was a punishment for all the eyeshadows I own and never wear them. Serves me right. I also got Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer because of all the good reviews I read. I tried it already and so far - I love it. The third product I got is a Cracking Top Coat in Pearly Pink. Good for pink lovers, not so much for me. Don't ask me what I was thinking.


I never thought I'll have to say this, but here it goes:
Some people obviously think I'm a nail polish seller. Erm, wrong address, but I'm certainly glad to set the record straight.


Hey, people! Arya and Lisa are finally getting along. Kind of. Yay!
My Cats


Photo of the week: Pelargonium


Posts of the week:

I LOVE Maki from Candy Glaze for doing these Hobit and Game of Thrones inspired manicures. I can't even try to pick my favorite. Maki, you rock! She also posted a tutorial for her GoT Dragon Egg mani.

The Swatchaholic posted a review and swatches of the Cirque French Roast nail polish. It looks even prettier on her nails. Well, who am I kidding. Everything looks better on her nails than mine. She also posted swatches of the China Glaze New Bohemian collection. Look and be amazed.

Battle of the teal green eye pencils by Viola from Killer Colours. I definitely need that NYX one. It's gorgeous! And while I'm at it - Viola is having some problems with the UK based company which uses the same name (Killer Colours). See/hear her talking about in a video HERE. We support you, Viola!

A England's new collection called The Gothic Beauties is coming soon. Ommorphia Beauty Bar did some great swatches of the polishes. I need some gothic beauties in my life...

NailXChange stamped over nail foil and came up with a brilliant and quite colorful soap bubble manicure. Damn, she applied that nail foil pretty darn well, don't you think?

Hits Speciallita came out with the whole Hello Kitty nail polish collection - swatched by Kelly from Esmaltes da Kelly. Is just as sweet and colorful as I would expect it to be.

Elsa from Like a Candy Shop is on a hunt for a good Essie Bikini So Teeny dupe. She hasn't had any luck yet, but she did find this stunning Debby Colorplay nail polish.

Scrangie posted swatches and review of the first Cirque limited edition collection for Halloween 2012 called All Hallow's Eve. The collection consists of two polishes only, but Annie got it right.


Music of the week:

I admit of falling in love pretty easily. But that doesn't mean I don't mean it. I fell in love with I Follow Rivers while I was in Tunisia. And when I came home, I fell in love again. And again. 

In love with Lykke Li, her look, her voice, her music, her presence. 
Lykke Li

I also fell in love with her Sadness is a Blessing song and video (starring Stellan Skarsgard from the original Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). And her Possibility song (some of you might know it from the Twilight New Moon movie).

Later I found a cover of I Follow Rivers by a Belgian band Triggerfinger. And I'm head over heels for their version of the song...

Now I'm head over heels for the singer Ruben Block as well. Try to resist if you can. I'm sold!
Ruben Block

I think that's enough love for this week.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Kje si dobila tole škatlo za nakit?:) super je!:)

  2. Ahw! I'm a big fan of all your kittens, the new guest, Lisa, is something... WOW with those black nose! *___*
    Glad to read you again, not just because you turn back from holiday, but even because I didn't read blogs for months! ;D

  3. I don't really know if that rock is true or not, but if you say so because of the color, amethyst is not ONLY purple, it has a hint of grey, it depends on what part of the mineral they take…

    Take a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Druse.jpg

    And, no, I'm not someone from the store, I am just a mineral freak… XD

  4. I'm in love with Lykke Li too! But only Dillon is much lovelier <3
    Listen to Soley, Elsiane, Austra or Zola Jesus ;)!

  5. Oh, man--I'm with you on the guy...regardless of being happily married, lol!Yum! Fun times, I am glad you had a great time and brought back some goodies for your kitties, ha! the black one looks terrifying!

  6. I'm in love with Triggerfinger's version of I Follow You... The man has such a sexy voice!!

  7. Kje si našla Cherry Blossom Girl TE? Sem bla že v 2 Mullerjih in je še ni bilo :(

  8. ogrlica je krasna, ali pečat uf...
    samo ti ubaci još koju fotku i priču s puta :-D
    mace preslatke kao i uvijek <3

  9. I don't know what to say. I feel honored! Thanks for the sweet compliments and for linking to my blog <3 I'm happy you like my manis. I would love, love, LOVE to see your Dragon Egg nails :D

    P.S.: Your necklace is badass! It's really beautiful, especially the font. Maybe sb could remove the mark by polishing it? Or is it too deep?

  10. I checked out the Triggerfinger version of that song, and now I'm totally obsessed with it (& Ruben Block, yummy) too! Thank you so much for sharing it, I love discovering new music :)
    Also, I for one would love to see more pics of your trip!

  11. Triggerfinger is amazing! I saw them live once and if you got the chance, you should you see them too!

    Oh, and I really like those Hello Kitty nail polishes. I'm a sucker for cute bottles like that, even if I have lots of similar colours... ^^

  12. Oh yes, Ruben ♥. Bad ass singer, always in suit. Gotta love him!


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