Saturday, October 27, 2012

FNUG - Fake Fur

Now that we've seen all of the FNUG holographic polishes, we can move on to the cremes and glitters. Fake Fur was my first choice. 

FNUG, Fake Fur, 3 coats

''Fake-Fur is right on trend. Your designer friend has created several stylish fake fur items in his stunning autumn collection. You want them all! This warm grey nail varnish is cool grey without getting too brownish.'' (FNUG)

I would describe Fake Fur as a perfect taupe for me. As the FNUG description says, it doesn't get too brownish - it does look different under different lighting, but it never gets too warm. You could say it's a warm grey or a cool taupe, pretty neutral if you ask me. 

The application of this polish was OK, I just wish it was a bit more opaque. The first layer went on kind of watery, while the second one felt like I'm applying a quite opaque polish. Weird. I had to use another coat for full opacity though. The brush is small but works great. I wore this polish for three days when I got some chipped tips. I can't say if it was the polish that chipped or my nails - yes, my nails chip on a regular basis. 

Fake Fur outdoors, natural lighting:

You can buy FNUG polishes online on FNUG website for 125 DKK (~ 16 €). All FNUG polishes are big 3 free (free of Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate). 

You can find FNUG on FacebookPinterest and Followgram.

*Polish was sent to me for review. 

What do you think of Fake Fur?

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  1. Odtenek se mi zdi sila znan, pa sem brskala po spletu in nikjer ne najdem, kateremu je podoben. Ali pa sem pomešala vse te sivo-rjave odtenke, ki jih itak ne ločim dobro. :D

    Drugače pa je zelo všečna barva. Zelo šik. :)

    1. Te mogoče spominja na Rimmel Steel Grey? Tudi meni se je zdel zelo znan, ko sem ga imela na nohtih... Pa enako kot ti zelo hitro pomešam takšne odtenke.

  2. FNUG is amazing! Ever since I got to know the brand here in Denmark two years ago I have fallen for all of their polishes! Fake Fur is super gorgeous

    1. It really is amazing. I love the fact it's not just a bunch of red shades in their collection - there are some quite unique shades. Not to mention the fantastic holos.

  3. This indeed looks like a lovely taupe, they look so ugly on me when they are too brown!

    1. I think it would be safe to wear this one. =)

  4. Very interesting shade, and rare taupe. Though I do mind the fact of doing 3 coats. I'm a 2 coater girl, LOL. I would do 3 coats for a stunning colour though...

  5. 16 Euros for ONE small nail polish??!! This world must be going really crazy...

  6. Gorgeous, I really like the FNUG holos and recently saw their other shades. They're right up my ally! Gorgeous swatches!


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