Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #40

Wanted to post this yesterday, but my internet connection died. It's gonna be a long one again, so hold on. 


Our new little cat is doing well. Just like any other kitten, he mostly sleeps, eats and poops. Kind of like a baby. But a furry and cute one - without all the drooling. Yep, I prefer animal babies from human. Thank you for all your name suggestions! I seriously considered all of them, but then I got it quite randomly. He eats A LOT and in the first two days I thought he was gonna explode like a little bomb, so I called him Bombi. And that's his name now. Tummy like a bomb for sure. P.S: It's food on his little nose. Duuuh. 

Lisa was so happy when Bombi came into our house. She acts like his bigger sister. =) They play all the time and even sleep together. 
Bombi & Lisa

While I'm talking about Lisa - she's becoming a beautiful young ''lady''. She seems so big now that I see her with Bombi, it's incredible. 

Aishila - the one vet wanted to euthanize. Her fur is back, she gained some weight and she's doing great. I don't know if it was EnergyVet or something else, I just know I'm extremely happy she's well again. 

What do you do with a cat like Jimi? Rolling in wood chippings seems like a good idea to her. Every single day. 

Moving on to the nails. Manhattan Lotus Effect in 65W is a gorgeous dark plum... but it looks awful on camera. It's a bit jelly-ish and it looks really patchy. I still like it a lot though. P.S: Sorry about the bandage. 
Manhattan Lotus Effect 65W

Manhattan in 65W seemed to be the perfect base for my new Essence Crack Me Pearly Pink nail polish. I like the combo - although I don't think this cracking top coat is a big hit. 
Essence Crack Me Pearly Pink

And the one I've been wearing for the last couple of days: Tip Top Nail Chic in Red Rendezvous. Such a gorgeous color and effortless application - poetry really. Try to get it, it's awesome!
Tip Top Nail Chic in Rendezvous

What do you think of these Diego Binetti Hidden Pearl nails for Spring 2013? I still can't decide whether it's an original idea or just repulsive. 
Diego Binetti Spring 2013 Hidden Pearl Nails

I still do my eye make up the usual way. I gotta change it up a bit, right? I always get stuck in a routine and then just repeat it when I feel like it - on a bad day I'll only do my brows and slap some mascara on my lashes. 
Make Up of the Day

Buy of the week: New Yorker Studded Boots. I need an intervention. I think I'm addicted to studs.
New Yorker Studded Boots

Photo of the week: orchid
Mini Orchid


Posts of the week(s):

Oh, Chalkboard Nails and her beautiful manicures... Check out her Rainbow Nails and a manicure Inspired by Fashion

Please stand by while I search the floor for my jaw. FNUG Holographics left me speechless thanks to Fashion Polish

For all the chrome nail polish lovers out there - you gotta see this Silver Chrome Comparison by More Nail Polish. I think I need to get me some Layla chromes. 

My favorite stamping of the week(s) was definitely the one by Loqi from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more. A delicate Kalahari Kiss

Feline from Alizarine Claws posted swatches of the new Depend Fall 2012 collection. I dig a couple of shades... but wait till you see Still Alive! Green and so full of sparkle - totally a Feline kind of color. And just another one word for you. *coughs* Santorum

Nail polish porn from the Olympia Beauty Exhibition in London at Lucy's Stash. *drool*

All You Desire posted beautiful photos of the polishes from the Misa Wanderlust Collection for Fall 2012. Frozen in Time and Breakaway are my favorite. I guess I'm still a huge purple lover. 


Music of the week:

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Diego Binetti Hidden Pearl nails for Spring 2013?

    I'd say:
    Original idea that is repulsive.

    I'm not bothered by gory or weird stuff, but this, for some reason, just makes me queasy.

  2. Haha, my little one had food on his nose the first half of his first year too. They get big so quickly... But Bombi sure is a cute little guy. :) And I'm really happy to see that Aishila is doing so well.

  3. Love the first picture is awesome, the hair, the bracelet with chain and black kind of leather look.
    the nail polish the shade is amazing and holding the lil cat give it a sweet air

    the purple shade is also great

  4. Love the cats pics, Bombi! purrfect. Love the red rendezvous nails, hate the pearl nails, eeew!

  5. Dream Theater, najboljši so <3

    Fuuuul lepi mucki, vsi po vrsti <3

  6. I love a baby animal belly. My Yorkie is no baby (he's 6) but, his belly is still adorable. I'm very happy for you that Aishila is doing better. Hearing/reading about an animal who isn't feeling well gives me a knot in my stomach.

  7. Your kitties are SO cute! Love the name :) I think those hidden pearl nails are creepy... when I first looked at it I thought the nails were being ripped off! D:

  8. Thank you for including me in your roundup! Those boots are fabulous... O_O

    1. You're very welcome! I love all the manicures you do. =) And your blog of course.

  9. Kakšno srečo imaš, da si obkrožena s toliko čudovitimi bitji! Jaz bi dala vse, da bi dobila mojo nazaj..

  10. Your cats look all so lovely! I'm so jealous, I love cats (and dogs) too, but I sadly can't keep them in my apartment :(

  11. Čudovite slikice, sploh tretja z Bombi mi je všeč

  12. obožavam tvoje postove s macama, tako su topli, vidi se koliko ih voliš... inaće ih ne bi ni bilo toliko na blogu :D
    i slažem se, životinjske bebe su puno zabavnije od ljudskih <3
    a ovi nokti su buj bljaks kaka

  13. oranžno mucko si pa pozabila :)

    1. Nisem pozabila na Aryo, samo pozirati mi ni hotela. Jo bom vključila naslednjič. Ko bo v 'fotomodelskem' elementu. =)

  14. your cats are SOOOOO cute! ^^

    I love the way that crackle polsih looks like, even though I'm usually turned away by pink stuff... it's more of a fuchsia though, maybe it's that =)

    great boots too! I just got a pair of similar ones the other day, no studs though... have to wait till I get the studs I ordered from ebay so I can put them on =)

  15. Thanks for the link love! Also, that picture of Jimi ♥ too cute! Love Bombi too. Wish my boyfriend wouldf allow me to rescue all the kittens in the world. Sadly, he doesn't.

    1. You're welcome! =) Maybe you need to change your boyfriend. Hee hee ... just kidding. =D

  16. Thank you so much! I am glad you liked my stamped manicure ^^

  17. lolz @ jimi :D so happy for aishila!

    "hidden pearl" nails made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  18. Lisa's paws are so pretty :) I like it when cat's "toes" are dark when the fur is light.)

    Hah, I've bought the same Manhattan polish, when I was in Vienna (we don't have them here). I've used it once, don't remember it that sheer and patchy.. I think I've used two layers and it was OK.)

  19. Hidden pearl nails make me sick *wants to throw up* it seems that the nail lifted after hitting something (and that would be painful).
    Luckily there are pretty pretty images in the post, too (so nice for Bombi to have found a caring family with a loving elder sister, too)!

  20. Wonderful post :) You kitties are so adorable!
    I've been drooling over these boots for awhile now, do you think they are worth it? Are they good quality?

    1. Well, I think they're warm enough (great for fall time, but not winter) and comfortable. I suggest you try them and see how they feel on your feet. For me, they're worth it. But I guess I'll see when I really start to wear them (only wore them once so far). If they fall apart in two weeks, I'll be very disappointed. =) Good enough for 40 €. I don't regret buying them.


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