Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #42

I hate Sundays. There, I said it. I can't say what it is about them, but I hate them even more than Mondays. For real. I've always liked Thursdays though. And what's your favorite day of the week?

Catrice is the focus of my attention now that I've bought most of the Essence polishes. I wore How I Matt Your Mother this week and I was pleasantly surprised it didn't chip on me the first second of wearing it. First I wore it without top coat...
Catrice How I Matt Your Mother

... and later I added some Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer.
Catrice How I Matt Your Mother

I found some old Catrice polishes in my local drugstore - old Catrice polish shade called Forget Me Not with old type of brush. Yay! It was a pleasure to apply this one. If everything goes as planned, you'll see a review of this polish in the next week. 
Catrice Forget Me Not

Book! Oh, how I missed thee! My last book was George Martin's and it's hard to read anything else once you read his books. I still gave it a try. Harland Coben, No Second Chance. Thriller. Just started reading it and I'm already half way through it. 
Harlan Coben No Second Chance

American Horror Story season II. In this season the story takes place in an asylum in 1964. The characters are different, but some of the actors remain the same (Jessica Lange and Evan Peters). I think I might like this season even more than the first one based on the first episode. 
American Horror Story Asylum

This is the biggest spider I've seen so far - in nature. It was about 5 cm long and quite impressive. =) I could even see his eyes (4 of them). Wanted to touch him too, but I chickened out. 

My BF bought me this Vampire Teeth Necklace in Claire's in Graz long time ago and I forgot to post about it. It's missing one tooth, but I still like it. 
Vampire Teeth Necklace

Today I finished my DIY Studded Boots. I purchased some pyramid and spike studs via Ebay and bedazzled my boring black riding boots. I don't know about your taste in boots, but I think they rock. Hee hee
DIY Studded Boots


Posts of the week:

Here's something for the lipstick lovers who hate 'bleeding lips'. Ommorphia Beauty Bar posted about the new No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner. Check out her review and swatches of the Essie Winter 2012 Collection as well. 

Spooky Splatter Nails Tutorial by Chalkboard Nails. Perfect for Halloween.

New lemming of mine, thanks to Le Petit Jardin de Liloo: Diamond Dust by Rimmel. There used to be Rimmel displays in our stores, but aren't anymore... *sigh*

The Polished Perfectionist's photos of a England Tess d'Ubervilles. See that green sparkle I was talking about? Beautiful!

Lojs from Confusion Bay did an amazing Pop Art Make Up. Her eyes! OMG, her eyes!

Feline from Alizarine Claws posted swatches of some of the shades from Depend Fall 2012 collection. The first one is my favorite. 

My favorite swatches of the Zoya Ornate Collection were posted by Chelsea from The Nail Network. Aurora, Blaze and Logan - my three favorites. Later Scrangie posted her swatches and I was amazed again - Zoya Ornate by Scrangie

THIS IS AMAZING! Galaxy Drip manicure by Coewless Nail Polish Blog. This is 'I lost my jaw somewhere on the floor and my eyes poped out of their sockets' type of amazing. 

OPI always comes out with the most boring collections but every once in a while, they get it right. Tomorrow Never Dies is gorgeous. But then again, everything looks great on nailXchange


Music of the week: Finally something new from Cradle of Filth. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. You've had an interesting week! Spider ewwwww! But i suppose its about right as halloween is coming up! Great post x x x

  2. I'm currently studding my shoes, boots, belts, pants and a bra, my ebay studs arrived a couple of days ago =D

  3. How can you hate Sundays, lol, its my favorite day of the week! Sundays and Mondays. I get both day off of work though, and Sunday ends up being lazy ass day for me!

    That second Catrice is ah-mazing! Lovely!

    And I absolutely LOVE your boots! They look killer, literally!

  4. i ja mrzim nedjelje, ima nečeg u njima :(
    cobena čitala, mislim još jedan i dva naslova osim ovog i fantastičan je, oduševljena sam :D
    ali taj pauk... ma nema šanse da bih ga iti pokušala dotaknit :p

  5. Uh, prvom sezonom AHS sam bila prilicno razocarana, prvih par epizoda je bilo dobro, ali ostatk su pretjerali, svakih 5 min nova scena seksa, a to mi se ne gleda u seriji. Jos razmisljam hocu li drugu gledati ili ne. Javi kakva je ;)
    I ja imam Forget me not, ali nekako rijetko ga nosim iako mi je super nijansa.
    Uzivaj :)

  6. I know I'm going to sound like a huge wuss, but please put a warning before the giant spider pic :( they really scare me!


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