Thursday, November 1, 2012

New From Essence: Fantasia Trend Edition

''Towards the end of the year, things are going to get magical with the new trend edition “fantasia” as Essence whisks you away to a fantasy world in December 2012. Who hasn’t longed to be in a place far away from reality where everything is perfect and dreams can come true? “Fantasia” embodies this magical feeling with intense purple and wine-red, coral as well as subtle nude shades and creates a totally trendy elf-like look. The metallic effects offer this style a touch of glamour that is just perfect for christmastime.'' (Essence)
Essence Fantasia Trend Edition

Not exactly what I expected for the end of the year, but not a complete fail either. I like the purple eyeshadow and nail polish, plus the wine red nail polish. I'll probably buy a polish or two and that will be it. The highlighter looks dangerously shimmery... As I always say - we'll have to wait and see. 

How do you like the products from Fantasia trend edition?

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  1. I like the purple and wine red nail polish and perhaps the wine red lip laquer, but ... yes, wait and see.

  2. I'm really not impressed... it's unimaginative, and even the description is... blah. the wine polish might be pretty, or the lip laquers... we'll see...

  3. The lip laquers look pretty, I can't wait to find them in stores.

  4. Hmmm, I'd seem it quite boring . Maybe just my opinion

  5. What a weird theme for a TE. I hate when the colors of the eye make-up don't match with nail/lip products, like in this TE.I do like the nail polishes, though.

  6. Ι might get 2-3 things but not really impressed either

  7. Not impressed at all, which is perfect to save money eheh I'll see the size of the eye jewels and might make them nail jewels.. the polishes are cute but seem similar to some I already have


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