Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the Test: Xlash Eyelash Enhancer [RESULTS]

Back in September I posted about starting a test of Xlash Eyelash Enhancer. If you're interested in this product, please check my previous post for information on how to use this product and list of ingredients. 

I've been using Xlash for the last two months (8 weeks in total). I forgot to apply it a couple of times, but I don't think that should affect the results much. 
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer

I said I was gonna photograph my lashes every week while I use this product, but I gave up after 3 weeks. There was almost no change visible on the photos and I didn't want to drown you in my eye close-up pics. That's why I only have 2 images for you. The first one is a photo of my lashes before I started using Xlash (my lashes on September 12th):
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer Results - Before

... and a photo of my lashes today, 8 weeks later (November 7th).
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer Results - After

I think you can see the difference. It's weird how some of the lashes grew longer and some didn't. I even got some crazy lashes at the tear ducts. See it? My eyes are hairy now. Hee hee... I've been applying the Xlash Eyelash Enhancer along my upper lashline only, but some of my lower lashes became longer nonetheless. Well, photos speak for themselves.

My lashes definitely seem longer now. Not all of them, but they are looking better than ever (at least to me). I can't say they got fuller or darker, only longer. I like the effect, but I expected it to be more dramatic. Since I got the product for free, I'd recommend you to try it ... but then I stumbled upon a slovenian site that sells Xlash and I almost dropped my jaw. A bottle of this eyelash enhancing serum costs 68 € here. If I'm completely honest, I'd never pay that much money for a tad longer lashes, but I know some of the ladies would do just about anything to get some additional length. The decision is in your hands. The product works, but it won't do any miracles - it would be irrational to expect it in the first place. 

*The product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

Your thoughts?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Pa je res vidna razlika. Super! Čeprav se tudi meni zdi izdelek rahlo precenjen. Sama bi dala za kaj podobnega nekje do 30 €, če bi dlje trajal.

    Moram pa dodati, da imam jaz zelo kratke trepalnice, ampak še vedno imam nekaj trepalnic na notranjih kotičkih. :D Potegnila sem najbolje iz obeh svetov, očitno.

  2. Yup, I expected something quite a bit more dramatic, too.

    Especially for that kind of money...

  3. Razlika se res vidi. Cena je pa kar zasoljena. Hvala bogu sem jaz ena tistih srečnic, ki imajo dolge trepalnice in tega ne potrebujem. Dvomim, da bi kdaj plačala tako ceno za kakršenkoli izdelek.

  4. I don't really see the difference between the two pics, but I guess what is important is that you like the result. Would never pay anything near that for a product like this though

  5. Ha! My sister and I were both born with lashes at our tear ducts so I guess we also have "hairy eyes." I think you have lovely lashes before and after :)

  6. J koristim mješavinu ricinusovog ulja, masninovog ulja i vazelina. vazelin daje čvrstoću smjesi i omekšava trepavice da ne pucaju, a ricinusovo i maslinovo ulje hrane trepavice i potiču rast. počela sam prije tjedan dana i sad čekam rezultate =)

  7. I can't decide if I want the xlash or not. The price is high ( 200zł), but with a online discout for christmas I could get it for 150zł (36 Euro).
    Why am I thinking of buying the product? Because I'm tired of mascara and want to do henna on my lashes ans just go with a clear gel during the day.
    Btw- "hairy" eyes are lovely anyway:)
    I'm not the expert on beauty, I cook on my blog.

  8. Razlika je opazna, ampak cena :OO Raje živim s svojimi kratkimi trepalnicami in dodam umetne trepalnice, če se počutim extra fancy :D
    Hvala za review. :)

  9. I just had an interesting conversation with a quality manager for cosmetics. We talked about the new EU cosmetic regulation and she mentioned that many eyelash enhancer contain pharamaceuticals which are normally used for the medication of glaucoma o_O Scary, isn't it? Why should somebody manipulate his/her eye pressure to get bigger lashes? I know, you didn't buy it, you only reviewed it, but I immediately thought of this article and that I should share this information.

    1. Wow, really? That's interesting and concerning at the same time. I guess we often focus too much on the things that can be seen (beauty), rather than take care of our bodies (health). Thanks for this info!


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