Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snake Skin Nails

I don't wanna keep you hanging, so here's the secret to my snake skin nails from last week's sum up. I'm not sure why I feel this way, but I think some of you are gonna be disappointed when you find out it's gel related. Yep, you're gonna need gel nail polish to achieve this effect. 

I came across this snake skin manicure while browsing Ebay for nail polish. Good news though: you only need one coloured gel nail polish and the so called snake skin assistant gel. I got both of them on Ebay for 4.99 USD each. You also need an UV lamp to cure the gel afterwards. This is the gel I used:

How to do a snake skin manicure:
* Apply your basic color gel nail polish and cure it under UV light. Repeat this step if necessary. 
* Apply your chosen color gel nail polish. 
* Dip dotting tool into the snake skin gel assistant product and start making 'dots' on your nails - the snake skin pattern will occur. 
* Dry under UV light. 

I did my manicure a bit differently though. I used a regular polish as a base (Wet n Wild White Creme). After it dried I applied a black gel nail polish over it and started dotting the assistant product on my nails. Once I was satisfied with the pattern, I dried my nails under UV light. Simple as that. 

Here are a couple of examples of the snake skin pattern in different colors. They look so nice, don't they? 

I tried the snake skin assistant product with the regular nail polish and it worked. You have to work fast, so the polish doesn't dry before you're done with dotting. I was happy to see the pattern form, but I was also confused - will it dry normally, do I have to cure it under UV light? At the end I was most happy I didn't cause an explosion by mixing all these chemicals together. Do not try this at home!

Although I think snake skin gel nails look awesome, I think it's too much work... I don't mind polishing my nails, but I hate removing the gel polish. I had to buff the gel part off my nails with a file and then soak off the rest of the stuff. Not to happy about that. I might try it again, but not anytime soon. 

What do you think about this kind of snake skin manicure? 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. zanimivo izgleda, ampak je preveč komplicirano..

  2. This looks great! I'm a little sad that you have to use gel polish since I don't have any and it seems like a pain to remove, but I'm sure I can find a way to recreate this with regular nail polish. Hopefully. :)

  3. This is awesome! Wow! I love the way this looks. Great post!

  4. ovo mi je prvi glas, a manikura zbilja predobro izgleda... ali pošto je gel ja ću ipak preskočit ;)

  5. I LOVE how it looks, but gel nails are too much work for me =P too bad, it's awesome! =)

  6. Wow, this is pure awesomeness.

  7. Nice effect, but I wouldn't want to wear gel polish

  8. waaau tole izgleda fantastično :D

  9. I wonder if this will work by dotting polish remover onto wet polish...mmmm, can't hurt to try!

  10. Zgleda res fantastično, super efekt. Ampak sploh ne nosim gel nohtov, čisto zato ker se mi ne ljubi s tem ubadat, pa tudi lučke nimam. Če bi jo imela, bi verjetno za hec poskusila kdaj pa kdaj.

  11. This effect is awesome! I love it much more than the Spotted from OPI. Bummer they don't do it for regular nail polish.

  12. This looks actually quite cool, I love it :)

  13. I love the design! :D I think it's not much work to create it, but the removal is really annoying. Maybe I could do sth similar, but not with gel or regular nail polish.

  14. Wow!looking amazing and wondeful for nails.I like it because its a diffrent and looking cool.I have found same type of products for skincare and want share with you.

  15. i've never seen this before :D awesome look!


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