Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Essence Trend Edition: Hugs & Kisses

''Love at first sight? Guaranteed! With the new trend edition “hugs & kisses”, all the girls are sure to fall in love with the cool and colorful beauty products by Essence in January and February 2013. The colors in this trend edition are super fun and will definitely put you in the mood for valentine’s day: bright lemon and pink combined with intensive red and purple are guaranteed to impress! Love struck or not, these unique products will make your heart go boom: an eyeshadow palette and a blush in a great l.o.v.e. design, lashes, stylish lip products and an awesome eau de toilette – the it-pieces in the “hugs & kisses” collection are sure to make the hearts of all trendsetters beat a little bit faster. xoxo Essence!'' (Essence)
Essence Hugs & Kisses Trend Edition

Maybe purple glitter eyeliner... and that's it. 

And what do you like?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Tukaj bi pa imela kaj več :D Rdeč & zelen lak (teh ni nikoli preveč), mogoče kak topper (če ne bodo prevelike bleščice), rdeč lip tint če bo zelo pogmentiran in je ala gloss, vijoličen glitter eyeliner, blush (če bo hladen) in mogooče scrub. :D

    1. U, mašina! Pa ti boš izpraznila celo stojalo. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Jammer genoeg is deze collectie niet in belgie en nederland te verkrijgen :(

  3. so not my style =P maybe I'll look at the red glitter polish, and buy it if it's absent hearts =P

  4. Nail stickers :D why green on the blush?

  5. The glitter toppers look interesting, but I doubt we'll get this collection in Canada. Although I didn't think we'd get the Twilight collection, and I was wrong on that.

  6. Definitely checking out those glitter nailpolishes, but that's going to be it, really..

  7. mmmmm so cute! ^_^
    I like n-polishes, blush and pink l-tint )

  8. Mislim, da bom tu zlahka preskočila celotno kolekcijo. Si pa gotovo vsaj ogledam topperje, morda bo kakšen zanimiv.


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