Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Essence Trend Editions: Snow Jam & Vintage District

''Are you into skiing, snowboarding or taking a ride in a sleigh? With the new trend edition “snow jam”, Essence fires-up all snow beauties in January and February 2013 – let’s head for the slopes! Sports, casual styles and evening après-ski parties are sure to put us in the mood for wintertime! The colors of the “snow jam” trend edition look great with trendy ski and snowboard outfits: the combination of bright purple, turquoise and petrol as well as frosty pastel shades creates a cool make-up look and a great mood is guaranteed all round! Pampering shouldn’t fall short when you’re having fun in the snow at icy temperatures. That’s why the products in this trend edition skillfully unite wintery colors with valuable ingredients.'' (Essence)
Essence Snow Jam Trend Edition


''Cool hippy attitude meets bohemian chic and street style: the new essence trend edition “vintage district” spreads the flair of the fashion hotspots around the world in January 2013. To be found in many big cities: art districts with unique and individual shops where the trends of the past come back to life and merge with new styles. Retro colours like rusty red, petrol, grey, peach and brown as well as products with a vintage appearance put you in the mood for the treasures of past generations. The duo lipstick & gloss in two intensive colours and the nail art decoration kit for lots of creative and extraordinary nail designs are the absolute highlights of this trend edition.'' (Essence)
Essence Vintage District Trend Edition
*Images are a property of Essence. 

A couple of nail polishes and maybe that blush from the Vintage District TE... Quite 'meh' in my opinion.

And you? Do you see anything you'd like to have? 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Rdečilo izgleda res lepo, vprašanje kako pigmentirano bo. Tudi okraski za nohte izgledajo zanimivo :)

  2. Mogoče me bodo v kaj prepričali swatchi ampak... "/ Se mi zdi, da Essence že dolgo ni naredil neke kolekcije, da bi res HOTELA imeti kaj :(

  3. snow jam looks... blah, I only like the hand cream..
    but vintage district looks nice, I like the reddish lipstick, the blue gel eyeliner and the blush ! :D

  4. O, meni je dekoracija iz vintage vsec (nail decoration) in morda kremica za roke iz winter in sorbet (sencka), ker so v uber obstojne :).

  5. Oh, both collection look great! I slightly prefer the vintage district one, but two of the polishes look similar to the home sweet home collection. I've got my eye on the blush, looks pretty! I'm curious about the nail art decoration too.

  6. If the second one ever comes here, I'll have to have both of the nail art decoration kits.

  7. Yes from the first collection the hand balm, from the second the blush

  8. From Snow Jam I'll take the hand balm, and from the Vintage District the blush looks gorgeous!



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