Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recap: My 2012 Favorites

Let's try a different sum-up for the last Sunday of 2012. These are the products, books, movies and other stuff that were my favorites in the last year.

Starting with nail polish. I tried a lot of polishes in the last 12 months, but some of them really stood out to me. These are the ones:
Favorite Nail Polishes in 2012

Pretties from the a England The Legend collection:
a England The Legend Collection

The most amazing holographic polishes ever (at least in my opinion) - FNUG Holographics:
FNUG Holographic Collection

Four shades from the Ludurana Aurora Boreal collection:
Ludurana Aurora Boreal

Essence and Catrice polishes were a big part of my blogging in 2012. Here are some of my favorites:
Favorite Essence & Catrice Polishes in 2012

Face care products I've been using on a daily basis (first four) and when needed (last two):
Face Care 2012 Favorites
* Alverde Lipbalm * AOK Seesand Peeling * ELF Zit Zapper

Make up, nail and fragrance products of 2012:
Favorite 2012 Products: MU, Nails and Perfume
* Essence Lash & Brow Gel * Sleek Oh So Special Palette * Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara
* Essence Studio Nails Top Sealer * Essence Nail Polish Remover * Mont Bleu glass file
* Naomi Campbell At Night * BLV Notte * BPAL Snake Oil

Some eye make up looks and lips from past year:
2012 Make Up

I still think Ebay is the best thing after sliced bread. These are some of my buys:
Ebay Buys in 2012

Books that stole my heart:
Favorite Books in 2012
* George R. R. Martin A Dance With Dragons * Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games (plus part II and III) 
* Robin Hobb The Farseer Trilogy

TV & Movies:
Favorite TV Series and Movies in 2012
* Game of Thrones Series (Season II) * The Hunger Games * Melancholia * True Blood (Season V)
* Men Who Hate Women * Sherlock Holmes * Sucker Punch * Virgin Suicides


Here are some of the other bloggers favorites:

* Top 10 international picks by Let Them Have Polish

* Favorite polishes of 2012 by Vique's Varnish. 

Favorite nail polishes of 2012 by The Polished Perfectionist. 

* The best of 2012 by Alizarine. 

* Favourites of 2012: mainstream brands by Glitta Gloves.

* Top manicures of 2012 by The Nailasaurus. 


What are your favorites of 2012? It can be nail polish, make up, movies, books, places you've been, things you've seen... anything. I'd really like to know. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Himalaya Herbals krema je pa res imam šele kakšen teden in je res zakon, še posebej dlani mi naredi res ful gladke...zakon je :)

    1. Jaz jo kar za obraz uporabljam. Nič mozoljčkov, nič zategovanja. =)

  2. Zakon post. Pa čisto sem zaljubljena v tvoj In Style look. Sem ga takoj opazila v kolažu in šla brskat po blogu in seveda ugotovila, da gre za In Style look, ki me je že ob prvi objavi čisto navdušil. :) Favourites seznam sem tudi sama nameravala narest, pa nimam časa, verjetno bom lake naredila enkrat po novem letu. Lahko ti naštejem make up favourites: Dita Von Teese šminka Erotique in Revlon Matte In the Red, Revlonov lip liner v odtenku Wine, ArtDecojev Teint Concealer za podočnjake in Bourjoisov Healthy Mix tekoči puder, MUA Pearl monosenčilo številka 9 (zadnji teden ga nosim praktično vsak dan), Wet'n'Wild Comfort Zone paletka, daleč najbolj uporabljene senčke letos ... Revlonov Lip Butter Sugar Frosting ... hmm, takole iz glave. Te stvari sem res pogosto uporabljala, Dito in MUA v zadnjih dveh tednih odkar ju imam celo pogosteje kot marsikaj drugega v celem letu.

    1. Me veseli, da ti je všeč. =) Večino izdelkov, ki si jih naštela sploh ne poznam. Bom morala še kakšno drugo znamko pogledat, čeprav imam že tako vsega preveč. Aja, pa na Comfort Zone paletko si me spomnila. Sem čisto pozabila nanjo...

  3. P2 Gigantic and the Ludurana series *_* !

    Gabrini polishes are still my favourite polishes, while I'm pining for Flormar ones.
    Striping tape and dotters.
    I'm very happy with Nevena Leskovac Puzzle moisturizes and the 4D bioHyaluron +stem cells cream seems promising.
    Golden Rose dipliner.
    Miss Sporty clear mascara for my brows.
    Fake eyelashes and Golden Rose 3D Fantastic Lash mascara.
    Some cheapo lipsticks - I finally started wearing them and I found, to my surprise, that a strong red or a deep plum is something that really suits me.
    Eyelash glue and rhinestones.
    UMA cosmetics mousse highlighter.
    CrystalDerma Marigold Pomade.
    Impala eyeliners and lipliners.

    Yes, GRRM and A Dance with Dragons, finally!
    I've been at his site, refreshing it for news about the new book since, oh, 2007, maybe :D .


    And Sherlock Holmes <3 .

    I loved the Hunger Games movie, too. The makeup!
    Apocalypto. The makeup!
    The Cabin in the Woods.
    Stilyagi. The clothes! The music! All of my feels! I can't recommend it enough.
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Finally, yes.

    1. WOW, a bunch of products I've never heard of before. Had to google through your comment. =D Thanks for the list of movies... will definitely check them out.

  4. your eye make up is seriously amazing!

  5. Great sum up and I loved your blogposts, hope to many more awesome posts in 2013!

  6. Robin Hobb!! My absolute favorite series ever. So glad to see it getting some love :D

  7. P2 gigantic is the best polish on you, also looove the eye/ lip compilation, you are so beautiful girl!

  8. My boyfriend :)
    Apart from him: Mystery Gang concerts, the Hunger Games Trilogy, Mortal Instruments books, and my successful maths exam :D

  9. Meni pa Himalaya krema ni odgovarjala.
    Pa ful je lep P2 Gigantic lak :)
    Drugače sem pa ravno danes objavila najljubše 2012. Eni izmed najljubših: Sleek Au Naturel, Storm, Essence pigmenti, Essence gel eyeliner, Revlon lip butters, MUA šminke, Sleek Rose gold blush, NYX Pinched in Taupe ...
    Pa še ogromno drugih zadev, bi predolgo naštevala :)


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