Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunset in Your Eyes Feat. Essence Eyeliner Pen

I realized I've been using Essence Eyeliner Pen for a long time, but never wrote a proper review of it. Now is as good time as ever. Here's what Essence says about it:
''Original japanese mascara gives this eyeliner precise definition. Ideal for on the go. Available in black.'' (Essence)
Not sure what this eyeliner has to do with mascara... If you know, please, inform me. 
I made an eye make up look, inspired by the photo of a sunset I took in 2010. You never know when it might come in handy. ;) 
Sunset in Your Eyes Feat. Essence Eyeliner Pen

What does Essence Eyeliner Pen promise:
* Eyeliner pen for a precise line.
* Colour intensive and extra long lasting.
* Smudge-proof.

The tip of this eyeliner really does offer a precise application. You can create a thin or thicker line, depending on the angle of the tip. The colour could be more intensive and it's not completely black in one swipe - not as dark as I would want it to be. It needs a couple of strokes to create a darker line, but that's not much of a problem. I think it's slightly my fault too, since I don't store it as a pen with the tip facing downwards. Essence eyeliner pen is pretty good when it comes to staying power. It's not extra long lasting, but if we take out the 'extra' part, then it's true. It lasts 8 hours on me without smudging - so it is pretty smudge proof as well. But you have to keep in mind: if your lids are oily, it will create a moist layer over it and it will smudge if you'll rub your eyes. Don't expect it to be a perfect product, but it's pretty good. Especially for the price you pay (less than 3€).
Essence Eyeliner Pen

Here's a make up look I've created for this post. I used:
* NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (as a base on my upper lid and on waterline)
* 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette
* Essence Eyeliner Pen
* MUA Mega Volume Mascara (I'm starting to really love it)
Sunset in Your Eyes Feat. Essence Eyeliner Pen

Sunset in Your Eyes Feat. Essence Eyeliner Pen

Sunset in Your Eyes Feat. Essence Eyeliner Pen

So, is Essence Eyeliner Pen perfect for lining your eyes? No. But it comes in very handy. Especially when I want to enhance the look of the upper lash line. I've been using it for a while now and I'll definitely buy a new one when this one runs out. If you're looking for a really long lasting black eyeliner, I suggest you invest in Illamasqua's Precision Ink in Abyss. It will cost you more, but you'll get what you want. 

Have you tried Essence Eyeliner Pen? What are your thoughts on it?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I really like this Eyeliner Pen and I'm normally not a big fan of liquid eyeliner products.

    You're look is really amazing! I love it!

  2. beautiful! i have tried the eyeliner pen but i don't like it!

  3. I actually don't really like the tip of this eyeliner...I find it difficult to paint the flick of the "cat-eye" :( but it's true that it lasts quite well...

  4. WOW Stunning! Your makeup skills are amazing, I love what you do :)

  5. Oh my lord! This is just divine! I love how you've capture all the colours!
    Hope you'll have a fabulous NYE ;)

  6. Gorgeous look! I love the mixture of colours. Perfect reflection of the photo. I like the look of the Essence liner. If I find it here, I may pick it up to give it a go.


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