Thursday, December 13, 2012

Swatches & Review: MUA Nail Varnish

It takes some time ... before I realize I haven't showed you swatches of the MUA nail varnishes I got from Lič yet. Well, here they are now.
MUA Nail Varnish

MUA, Mud Pie, 2 coats
MUA Nail Varnish in Mud Pie

MUA, Pistachio Ice Cream, 2 coats
MUA Nail Varnish in Pistachio Ice Cream

MUA, Shade 11, 2 coats
MUA Nail Varnish in shade 11

MUA, Stormy Skies, 2 coats
MUA Nail Varnish in Stormy Skies

MUA nail varnishes come in a 6.2 mL bottle. I like their formula and opacity (all four polishes were opaque in 2 coats), but I hate the brush. It's short, 'scratchy' and not flexible at all. You're gonna get brush strokes if you're not careful with the application. Maybe even if you are really careful. The bottle is another thing I don't like: it's small and the design looks really cheap. My favorite color out of these four is definitely Stormy Skies, but you already know that. I really don't know whether to recommend these polishes or not. The quality of them is actually quite good and the price is low, but the brush... oh, the horror! I guess you'll have to decide for yourself. If you're willing to work with a PITA brush or use some other brush, then go for it. =) I got to test them and even though the brush is terrible, I still purchased 2 shades afterwards. But more on that in some other post... 

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  1. Pistachio and Stormy Skies look divine!

  2. They loook amazeballs on your nails! x

  3. I meni su pistachio ice cream i stormy skies favoriti! Ja sam uzela nijanse 1, 13 i 14 i isto ne mogu reći da sam nešto posebno oduševljena...Al dobro, za te novce su u redu...

  4. Your swatches are faultless as always! I can't understand polish companies who spend so much time on perfecting their polish then throw it all away with a crap brush. I have some elf polishes like this, sigh

  5. Omg, y love Pistachio ice cream!!! so cute <3

  6. Pistachio izgleda res lep! Mi je kar žal da sem že oddala svoje MUA naročilo, če ne bi ga dodala zraven (čeprav res ne rabim še en mint lak) :)

  7. Meni pa Mud Pie izgleda kot čokolešnik ;)

  8. Hi! I'm from Brazil! I found your Blog and I loved it! Your nails are beautiful! Congratulations! Now in Portuguese: "Oi! Eu sou do Brasil! Eu achei seu Blog e adorei! Suas unhas são lindas! Parabéns!" Kisses/Beijos, Cláudia.


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