Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #45

Less words, more photos this time, OK? I have plenty for you.

Arya is such a big girl now. She has changed a lot too. It looks like she's moody all the time, still hissing at the little ones and all in all being a diva. 

I wore 3 different polishes in the last couple of week. The first one was Essence Alice Had a Vision Again. This one was on my nails for a whole week. I had to touch it up a little, but I managed to keep it on from Sunday until Friday. It's a pain in the ass to remove. Those little sparkling particles just won't go off. 
Essence Alice Had a Vision Again

Then I thought of my all time favorite medium creme purple - China Glaze Grape Pop. Wore it for three days and changed it with...
China Glaze Grape Pop

... China Glaze Millennium. I tried FNUG Aqua Fix as a base coat for this chrome and it worked great. So I guess it's not only a great base coat for holographic polishes but for chromes as well. 
FNUG Aqua Fix Base Coat + China Glaze Milennium

Buying cosmetics at Drogerie Markt is always a joy. I love their Balea brand and now I'm getting familiar with Ebelin as well. So far it's working better than my Essence nail polish remover. And these brands are so affordable, it's crazy:

* Balea Volume Shampoo, €1.25
* Balea Hair Conditioner, €1.25 (Balea conditioners are my favorite, I use them all the time)
* Balea Urea Body Lotion, €1.55 (amazing for dry skin + it smells so nice)
* Balea Face Masks, €0.70 each
* Ebelin Nail Polish Remover, €1.25
DM Buy

I also got this Syoss Color Bag Set. Now, I don't like Syoss shampoos or their conditioners but the set was only €6.45 and I've been looking for a nice cosmetic bag for a long time. This one is perfect. And I'll just give the shampoo and conditioner to someone else. 
Syoss Color Bag Set

Just check out this pattern. Love, love, love it!
Syoss Color Bag Set

I still haven't found the motivation to start drawing again, but it seems easier if I buy some new color pencils first. They look pretty in their boxes. I don't wanna take them out...
Color Pencils

Although I'm not drawing, I do feel somewhat crafty lately. I did these three Christmas decorations... and burned myself with a glue gun. Wanna see the damage? Damn, I'm worse than a child. 
Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Another thing I did is this crochet ruffle scarf. For those of you who know how to knit or crochet: I used one skein of Rozetti yarn in Marina (color Blue Monarch). Here are instructions if you're interested:
* crochet
* knit
Rozetti Marina One Skein Scarf

Two more scarves I made. I'm especially proud of the electric blue one. I wanted one in this color ever since I became obsessed with this shade of blue. Now I have it and I made it. Double win. This is just a regular crochet, but the scarf is actually from the 'infinity' category. 
Electric Blue Crochet Scarf

Grey Crochet Scarf

Spine earrings. Hell yeah!
Spine Earrings

Rammstein concert. I missed the one in Zagreb last year, but I'm not missing this one in April 2013. I got the tickets almost as soon as they got out. Till, honey, here I come!
Rammstein Concert Ticket

Photo of the week(s): Sunrise. I don't wake up to a sunrise like this one every day. It was a magical morning, I guess. 


Posts of the week(s):

Loqi from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... and Mosaic on her nails.

I'm late with this one, but I found it last week and I gotta share it with you. Chienkiri made this hauntingly beautiful Halloween make up look

Why do red shimmer nail polish shades always look better on other people? I love this Maybelline Colorama 145 polish in Nola from Hedonism Limited

Would you repurchase cosmetic items you're currently using? Tiffany from Will Work For Make Up listed her 10 products she would absolutely repurchase

Color Club Portfolio by Alizarine. Duochrome beauty. But she knows how to rock those way more than I do. 

Swatches of China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection by Chelsea from The Nail Network. Immediate love for Creative Fantasy and Hanging in the Balance. 

Sometimes a polish shows it's true colors best when it's layered. This layering with Models Own Indian Ocean by Kelly from Devilish Designs is the proof. 

Sammy from The Nailasaurus created one of the prettiest Christmas stamping manicures I've seen so far. 

Ritterbraten from Das Expreiment experimented with flocking powder and got fluffy nails. I like the look but I like the color even more. 

Blanka from Anatomy of Beauty swatched and reviewed three Misslyn lipsticks. They all look so gorgeous on her... but I want her lips before I buy any of those lipsticks. 

And the award for the best snowflake manicure goes to Andrea from The Chickettes

Karolina from Grzee made another breathtaking make up look. This one is called Paradise

Another make up look that caught my attention is the Green Monster by Lojs from Confusion Bay. 


Music of the week:
Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you
It takes me all the way
I want you to stay

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. That chrome nail polish is pure awesomeness *-*

  2. Prvi in drugi šal sta popolna. Sploh prvi mi je izjemno všeč. Da ne omenjam tvojega nakita, ki mi je itak zmeraj za dol past. Enkrat se bom spravila čez vse tvoje poste z nakitom in samo naročala. :) Baleini izdelki so mi prav tako zelo všeč, sploh losjoni in tuš geli, vendar me balzam za lase ni prepričal, žal.

  3. OMG, I'm looking for the perfect chrome nail polish, and I think, this one IS it. Like liquid mirror. So beautiful.

  4. I am trying to learn how to crochet myself! But, it isn't coming around just yet haha. Love the scarfs you made.

    That sunrise picture is just beautiful ♥,

  5. Toliko všečnih stvari v eni objavi, da se mi kar zmešalo. China Glaze Millennium, barvice, prisrčna božična dekoracija, kvačkanje in za konec ... uhani, ki so enkratni! (*-*)

  6. We have a couple of those scarves, kindly made by a friend. Love the colour, so vibrant!
    The other ones are rather nice too, especially the blue one.
    I can't knit or sew, so I'm rather jealous of your skills.

  7. I love that Urea Lotion :) !

  8. Not it's your fault that I need some China Glaze Cirque du Soleil polishes ;)
    Def Defying <3, Surreal Appeal and perhaps also Running in Circles and It's a Trep-eze! will be among my next order of CG polishes :)

  9. I really like these posts! :) Cool crochets!

  10. Those earrings! Awe-some!
    And thank you so much for giving me a post of the week spot <3

  11. The crochet scarf is a masterpiece!! And the polishes you're showing are great.. now I'm thinking I have to get an aqua base for my holos&chromes too. And thanks for tagging me :)

  12. Kako je prva slikica luštna :) prav za pojest sladka ;)

  13. OOH I love the blue and gray scarves! and the spine earrings!!!

    and I have that Urea lotion, it's my favorite! along with the hand cream from that line =)

  14. uuu, maš že karte za rammstein, tud jst sm jih zamudila v zg in komi čakam!

  15. Those spine earrings!! Where did you get them from!? They look gorgeous on you.

  16. That crochet ruffle scarf is absolutely amazing! And I love the color combo! I'm stunned by it haha..
    And Rammstein concert? I envy you! But I have seen them 2 or 3 times, so I guess I've had my fair share of them..


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