Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fleur de Sante - Scarlet Red

*All my Fleur de Sante posts will be in English and Slovene. / Vsi članki o Fleur de Sante izdelkih bodo napisani tako v angleščini, kot tudi v slovenščini. 

I was contacted by slovenian Fleur de Sante team not so long ago and asked if I want to review some of their products. This is the first round and these are the products I got to review: 
* Eye Shadow Quartet in Verdure
* Winter Care Foot Cream
* Liquid Eyeliner
* Nail Polish in Scarlet Red

Pred kratkim me je kontaktirala slovenska ekipa Fleur de Sante in mi ponudila sodelovanje. V zameno za izdelke naj bi na blogu napisala svojo izkušnjo z le-temi. V prvem paketu sem dobila naslednje proizvode: 
* četvorček senčil v odtenku Verdure
* Winter Care kremo za noge
* tekoče črtalo za oči
* lak za nohte v odtenku Scarlet Red

Let's start this round with nail polish. / Začnimo z lakom za nohte.

Scarlet Red is a beautiful red shade with orange-y golden shimmer that's saddly not really visible once the polish is on the nails. But it can be seen in the bottle. / Scarlet Red je čudovit rdeč odtenek z oranžnozlatim šimrom, ki pa na nohtih na žalost ni tako dobro viden. Zelo dobro pa ga je mogoče videti v steklenički. 

Fleur de Sante, Scarlet Red, 3 coats / Fleur de Sante, Scarlet Red, 3 sloji

Although Scarlet Red is a very pretty red, I don't see myself wearing it. I don't know if it's the warm pink-ish red or the frosty shimmer, but I think it makes my hands look old. I'm just not too fond of this type of shades on me. When it comes to quality of this polish I have nothing bad to say. The formula is good and on the thin side, but not too runny. The brush is very short (cca. 1 cm) but as you can see, it didn't bother me too much since I didn't have to do much clean-up. The only thing that bothers me is the opacity. I just can't (or won't) bother with a nail polish that needs more than 2 coats to be opaque. That's a fact. Other than that, it's a very good polish. 

Scarlet Red je čudovit rdeč odtenek, vendar se mi zdi, da ga ne bi nosila prav pogosto. Ne vem ali je kriva rožnata rdeča barva ali frosty šimer, a zdi se mi, da takšna barva moje roke postara. Priznam, da nisem privrženka takšnih barv na mojih nohtih. Kar se kakovosti laka tiče, nimam slabih besed. Formula je dobra, a precej tekoča. Čopič je zelo kratek (dolg le kak centimeter), ampak mi ni povzročal prevelikih težav pri nanosu. Slaba prekrivnost laka je edino kar me moti. Resnično se mi ne da ukvarjati z laki, ki za popolno prekrivnost potrebujejo več kot dve plasti. Če odmislim slabo prekrivnost, pa je Fleur de Sante Scarlet Red zelo dober lak. 

Fleur de Sante does not test on animals! / Fleur de Sante svojih izdelkov ne testira na živalih!

*Product was sent to me for review. / Izdelek mi je bil poslan v oceno. 

Thank you for looking and commenting! / Hvala za ogled in komentarje! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

piCture pOlish - Cosmos

Time for another piCture pOlish beauty. This one is called Cosmos and is one of the collaboration shades created with Camille from Pshiiit Boutique

''Camille's obsession with everything blue continues?  This time around the request for a dark navy blue holo!  So that is what was fashioned! And yes Cosmos is totally out there...  Cosmos is a dark navy holographic (scattered) and has no glitter. Cosmos contains a holographic shimmer for that extra special touch and more rainbows of course!'' (piCture pOlish)
Picture Polish - Cosmos

Get lost in the blue awesomeness of scattered holo shimmer. Truly cosmic.
Picture Polish - Cosmos

piCture pOlish, Cosmos, 2 coats
Picture Polish - Cosmos

Do you remember my reviews of Kryptonite and Monroe? Cosmos is their blue brother and it's just as awesome and deep-looking. The application was good and it didn't cause me any major troubles. I used two coats and it looked OK in real life. You can see some bald-ish patches on the photos though. I think this is my favorite PP scattered holo so far. =) 
Picture Polish - Cosmos

You can buy Cosmos nail polish in piCture pOlish online store for AU$11.50. Check out their Network Page to find the sellers near you. 

You can also find piCture pOlish on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

*Polish was sent to me for review. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Laura Paige Magnetic Nail Polish in #6 (Bronze)

I felt like wearing a magnetic nail polish without the magnet pattern. I went with Laura Paige magnetic polish in no.6 - bronze. I love the way it looks: a greenish grey, almost chrome looking base with golden shimmer. I can't see much bronze in it (as the name would suggest), but that's not the most important thing. Although I love it's look, I think it's too light for me and hence don't totally love the way it looks on me. I've really been on a dark kick lately... well, who am I kidding. I'm always on a dark kick. 

Laura Paige, Magnetic, Bronze (#6), 2 coats
Laura Paige Magnetic Nail Polish in #6 (Bronze)

I applied this polish to my nails yesterday and I wanted to remove it today and replace it with a 'nihrida' type of shade, but changed my mind - this polish has been holding on really well. After I took a shower and realized that there are no chips, I generously gave it another day. If you're interested in seeing this polish with a magnet pattern, you can see it HERE along with other Laura Paige magnetics. 
Laura Paige Magnetic Nail Polish in #6 (Bronze)

Do you ever wear magnetic nail polish without the pattern/without using the magnet?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Sum-Up #48

Another Sunday. God, I hate Sundays! Hate them more than Mondays. Belive it or not, it's true. Let's start this weekly sum up and get in a better mood with some photos of my furry ones. 

Aishila. And the basket kitty is back. She caught a cold again, but her weight is good... 
Aishila the Basket Cat

Arya. Hiding in a bag. I bought a toy for Vita and it came in this bag. Arya saw it on the floor and voila! Cat in a bag. With big 'puss in boots' eyes.

Bombi. The model.


Here's something for my slovenian readers. is where I buy food for my cats. I buy 10 kg at the time and get it cheaper than I would by buying smaller packages. They adore pretty much any Sanabelle food - I bought 3 packages with 10 kilos of dry food so far and the furry ones eat it in less than a month. I order the food online and all orders over 40 € are shipped for free. I also get testers of Sanabelle food with all of my purchases. I recommend!
Sanabelle Cat Food
I got this cute cat shaped box with my last order. It looks like Arya. =D
Cat Box

Bombi loves to eat, but was almost happier to get a box... To sit in. And when he got bored, the food was his comfort. Cats and boxes. 


My nails of the week: first I wore Essence Fateful Desire by itself for a day and then I layered it with NYX Girls Gilded Glitter
Essence Fateful Desire & NYX Girls Gilded Glitter

Then it was time for something darker. I went with a England Bridal Veil...
a England Bridal Veil

... and layered it with Hits Zeus. The holographic goodness.
a England Bridal Veil & Hits Zeus


I found my Beauty UK Earth Child eyeshadow palette and did a look with it. I also used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin and MUA Mega Volume mascara. 
Eye Make Up

Eye Make Up


Half gloves aren't exactly warm, but they look cool. Kind of. =D I got these... via Ebay. Who would have though, right! ;)
Faux Leather Half Gloves


Me and my BF had a very interesting trip to Graz. We had a flat tyre in the middle of the road... Took care of it and moved on. =) 
Flat Tyre

It was so worth it. Graz is just gorgeous. I can't even tell you how completely I fell for this city. I'm almost envious of all the residents there. <3 b="">Rathaus
on the photo.
Graz Rathaus

Ikea is a really nice place to shop. It's cheap and buyer friendly. I got a Helmer I already told you about, three Antoniuses, a clothes rack Rigga, and another drawer unit Lennart
Graz Ikea


I love pasta in any form and with just about any sauce. My favorite is pasta with tomato sauce, but carbonara comes pretty close as well. These are fusilli a la carbonara
Fusilli Carbonara

How I do it: Cook the pasta a la dente and drain it. Cut the pancetta into cubes/slices (whatever you prefer) and put in a pan with preheated oil. Let it cook for a while. When the pancetta looks 'crispy' enough, add sweet cream (or double cream) and let it cook for a while longer. Add a bit of garlic powder, pepper and some salt, but be careful since the pancetta is usualy pretty salty itself. Add grated cheese and wait until it melts. Add pasta and mix it with the sauce. Remove off the heat. Mix an egg yolk with some milk and pour it over hot pasta with sauce. Mix it and you're done! P.S: I added some parsley too. 


Posts of the week:

Feline from Alizarine dares you to Stay the Night. Would you? I totally would, but I bet the grittiness would make me go insane. 

Four beauiful shades by Picture Polish swatched by Kitties26 from More Nail Polish. I pretty much love them all. 

After seeing these swatches of China Glaze Wagon Trail by Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more, I immediately went through my helmer drawers and see if I still own it. I do. *sigh of relief* I do know I don't own Wingdust Collections Night Fury though. Loqi's nails with awesome holographic goodness - Color Club's Angel Kiss

a England in Dorian Gray and The Polished Perfectionist's undying love for it. I love it too. 

Anna from Pretty Digits tried out the new MUA Fluffy Nails in Fluffy Bobbin. I'd pick this shade as well. I think it looks great. 

Color Club Age of Aquarius by Kyky from Moodiness Takes It's Toll. Looks like H&M Bella's Choice so I won't search for it on Ebay. Just yet. 

Elsa from Like a Candy Shop and her perfect nubbins. I mean, how is it possible that every single nail polish shade looks so awesome on her? Exhibit A: Essence Stuck on You. Exhibit B: Chresy no. 055

Maki from Candy Glaze swatches a gorgeous Shaka nail polish in Deep Passion. Amazing! While you're there, check out this Alessandro Go Magic! Nail Dots. Finally! A substitute for OPI Black Spotted. 

We've all had stained nails at one time in our life, right? Here's a post by Spektor's Nails on How to Remove Nail Polish Stains. She also posted swatches of two polishes from the new Essence Hugs & Kisses trend edition: More Than Words & Dreams For Sale


Music of the week:

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How I Store My Polishes AKA Helmer to the Rescue

As weird as it may sound coming from a nail polish blogger, there is such a thing as having too much nail polish. At first I stored them in pretty boxes, but they 'multiplied' until I had 4 full boxes and another shelf and a table overflown with nail polish bottles. It was time to do something about it. The first step was to get rid of some of them. That's why I had a blog sale (BTW: a lot of polishes are still available). My next step was awesome because it included a trip to Graz Austria where I went to Ikea and bought me a pretty red Helmer. Yeah, there are no Ikea stores in Slovenia. Boooo!
How I Store My Polishes AKA Ikea Helmer to the Rescue

Helmer fits perfectly under my table and I love the way my polish is organized now. Plus, there's room for more polishes now since these drawers are bigger than my old boxes. My lower drawer is full of purple and pink pretties. 
How I Store My Polishes AKA Ikea Helmer to the Rescue

Second drawer from the bottom holds green and blue polishes. I have a feeling this drawer will soon be full considering my growing love for these shades. 
How I Store My Polishes AKA Ikea Helmer to the Rescue

Third drawer holds white, black, silver, grey, orange, red and coral shades. Big enough for all of them.
How I Store My Polishes AKA Ikea Helmer to the Rescue

Fourth drawer contains special polishes like holos, duochromes, layering polishes, stamping shades and glitters. 
How I Store My Polishes AKA Ikea Helmer to the Rescue

Fifth drawer holds some of my make up products and nail files. And there's one more free drawer - just in case. =)
How I Store My Polishes AKA Ikea Helmer to the Rescue

I know I'm probably one of few bloggers who was helmer-less until now, but for those who don't know: Helmer can be bought in Ikea stores for 24,99 €. I had to put it together myself, but it wasn't too hard. I had to use an electric drill to screw the bottom screws on, but it was otherwise pretty easy. I love my Helmer and I recommend it. Period. 

Do you own a Helmer? Or better yet, how many Helmers do you own? =D 

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

S-he Stylezone Nail Polish in #466

You've seen this one before, but it's a special occasion, OK? I wanted a very special polish by Essie called Armed and Ready. I googled it a hundred times, looked for it on Ebay, added it to my wishlist and when I finally wanted to click the 'buy' button, I stumbled upon an interesting post by Goose's Glitter. I realized I already own a polish that's very close to Armed and Ready and one that might be more suitable for me too. This is S-he Stylezone nail polish in 466.
S-he Stylezone Nail Polish in 466

S-he Stylezone, 466, 2 coats
S-he Stylezone Nail Polish in 466

That's the problem when you own too many polish bottles. You completely forget about the gems you already have in your collection and rather focus on the ones you wish you had. S-he Stylezone changed the packaging since I got this shade, but I'm pretty sure it's still available in new 'lego shaped' bottle. Two coats, good formula, good brush, low price. A winner! 
S-he Stylezone Nail Polish in 466

What about you: have you ever had a nail polish lemming and later realized you already own something very similar? If so, which shade was it?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swatches: Beauty UK Nail Polishes

I got another pachage of Beauty UK polishes from slovenian online store Lič to swatch. Ready for some cute and girly shades? Here's an overview of the polishes I got. 
Beauty UK Nail Polish Swatches

Color drops:
Beauty UK Nail Polish Swatches

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Coral Surprise, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Coral Surprise

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Fucshia, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Fucshia

Beauty UK, Salon Professional, Girl Gone Wild, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Girl Gone Wild

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Pink, 3 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Pink

Beauty UK, Salon Professional, Wow That's Pink, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Wow That's Pink

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Yellow Peril, 3 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Yellow Peril

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Peach Melba, 3 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Peach Melba

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Red, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Red

I like most of them when it comes to color (with the exception of the yellow one and both salon professional shades). Too bad some of them are 3-coaters, because that leaves me with only 2 polishes I'd actually wear: Red and Coral Surprise. Fucshia comes pretty close, but I don't really see myself wearing pink nail polish in real life that often. These polishes are all quite nice when it comes to quality. I had some problems with the application of the three coaters (Pink, Yellow Peril and Peach Melba) since they all looked patchy after 2 coats. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about them. The brush is OK as is the formula and they dry pretty fast. I like. 

Which is your favorite?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New From Essence: New in Town & Irresistibles Trend Edition

''Extremely long-lasting and remarkably resistant: the hot trend edition “irresistibles!” by Essence will be here in February 2013 to help you create expressive eye make-up styles with a stay-on guarantee. Innovative 3D textures and water-resistant or waterproof formulas ensure dramatic looks. This trend edition contains everything a beauty could wish for: cool duo eyeshadows with a 3D effect in trendy colors, a volume mascara and an eyeliner pen that lasts for up to 24 hours as well as waterproof eye pencils. Can you resist?'' (Essence)
Essence Irresistibles Trend Edition

''London city calling! Or would you prefer New York, Shanghai or Barcelona? With the ultra-hip trend edition “new in town”, Essence whisks you away on a beauty trip with lots of new products for a stylish city look in February 2013. This exciting tour of discovery has plenty of innovations in store for you: eyeshadows in the latest trendy colours, extremely long-lasting products for your eyes, a bb cream for a flawless complexion, lipglosses with xxxl shine effects and nail polish in the coolest colours! Beautylicious and absolutely new in town.'' (Essence)
Essence New in Town February 2013

I think the 'new ones in town' aren't as new, since some of the products repeat in both trend editions. Don't like the products, don't like the colors, don't like it overall. Period. Yes, Essence, I can resist. Where are the trend editions which you can't wait for? The feeling of not knowing whether you're gonna get the products you see on the promo and looks so good or not. Big lazy yawn. Boring. Next!

And what do you think?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

China Glaze - Flying Dragon

In early January I promised an anonymous reader to post a review of Essence Peel Off Base Coat. Last week I finally gave it a try. I applied a coat of Peel Off base coat and two coats  of China Glaze Flying Dragon over it. It was a perfect opportunity to wear 'the dragon' again after more than 3 years... And the removal wasn't my concern at the time.  
China Glaze Flying Dragon

China Glaze, Flying Dragon, 2 coats
China Glaze Flying Dragon

Let me say a few words on Flying Dragon since it's been so long: China Glaze has apparently released 2 versions of this polish - one purple and one that's more on the pink side. Ivana posted a comparison of both of them. If you haven't noticed yet, you're looking at the darker version here (and it's actually the one I prefer). The polish isn't as blue toned as it looks on my photos, but it's really impossible to photograph it accurately. It's purple and borderline neon. You can expect non accuracy in cases like this one.
China Glaze Flying Dragon

It's pretty and it looks even prettier (at least to me) when a layer of top coat is added. I used Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. If you want a completely glossy and smooth finish, you'll need to apply a couple of layers of top coat - this glitter is quite thirsty. 
China Glaze Flying Dragon

China Glaze, Flying Dragon, 2 coats + Essence, Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer, 1 coat
China Glaze Flying Dragon

China Glaze Flying Dragon

Here's a comparison of Flying Dragon with and without top coat side by side. Which one do you like better?
China Glaze Flying Dragon

This was supposed to be a test of Essence Peel Off Base Coat, but it turned into a China Glaze Flying Dragon praise. So, what has exactly happened? I think I failed at the application of my base coat, because my polish just wouldn't peel off. I had to remove it with nail polish remover in the end. It did go off easier than it normally would (as a glitter), but it's not the way it's supposed to go. I'm going to try it one more time and see if I can make it work. I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait for the review until then. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!
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