Saturday, January 12, 2013

Essence - Life is a Freeride (Snow Jam Trend Edition)

The second polish from the Essence Snow Jam trend edition that got my attention: Life is a Freeride. And it ends here. Along with Goofy Blue, these two items were the only two I thought were worth buying. Let's see if it was really worth it. 
Essence Nail Polish in Life is a Freeride (Snow Jam Trend Edition)

Essence, Life is a Freeride, Snow Jam TE, 2 coats

This baby is very opaque. Some ladies might be satisfied with one coat of this teal shimmery polish, but I want to be safe. I wouldn't call it a definite 1-coater, but it comes pretty close. If you need a stamping polish in this color, I suggest you grab this one. The application was OK and so was the formula. Brush was good to work with. The only bad thing about this polish is - it stains! Be careful when applying Life is a Freeride to your nails. Use a protection underneath unless you wanna end up with smurf nails. Oh, just to mention the shimmer in this polish. It's really small - micro shimmer and it makes the polish look almost frosty. I say almost, because it looks like it's right on the edge. Shimmery/frosty... it doesn't mind. It's a good one. 

Did you get anything from the Snow Jam TE?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. it's a miracle! i'm really sad because in Hungary won't be this trend edition :(

  2. From all the polishes i liked this one best from this collection!

  3. So pretty! Perfect color for the spring and summer seasons :)

  4. Ta mi je lepši kot Goofy blue :)

  5. I want it! I hope I can find this TE soon here in Italy, I think I'm gonna pick the same bottles you grabbed. I love these two shades!


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