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Fleur de Sante - Scarlet Red

*All my Fleur de Sante posts will be in English and Slovene. / Vsi članki o Fleur de Sante izdelkih bodo napisani tako v angleščini, kot tudi v slovenščini. 

I was contacted by slovenian Fleur de Sante team not so long ago and asked if I want to review some of their products. This is the first round and these are the products I got to review: 
* Eye Shadow Quartet in Verdure
* Winter Care Foot Cream
* Liquid Eyeliner
* Nail Polish in Scarlet Red

Pred kratkim me je kontaktirala slovenska ekipa Fleur de Sante in mi ponudila sodelovanje. V zameno za izdelke naj bi na blogu napisala svojo izkušnjo z le-temi. V prvem paketu sem dobila naslednje proizvode: 
* četvorček senčil v odtenku Verdure
* Winter Care kremo za noge
* tekoče črtalo za oči
* lak za nohte v odtenku Scarlet Red

Let's start this round with nail polish. / Začnimo z lakom za nohte.

Scarlet Red is a beautiful red shade with orange-y golden shimmer that's saddly not really visible once the polish is on the nails. But it can be seen in the bottle. / Scarlet Red je čudovit rdeč odtenek z oranžnozlatim šimrom, ki pa na nohtih na žalost ni tako dobro viden. Zelo dobro pa ga je mogoče videti v steklenički. 

Fleur de Sante, Scarlet Red, 3 coats / Fleur de Sante, Scarlet Red, 3 sloji

Although Scarlet Red is a very pretty red, I don't see myself wearing it. I don't know if it's the warm pink-ish red or the frosty shimmer, but I think it makes my hands look old. I'm just not too fond of this type of shades on me. When it comes to quality of this polish I have nothing bad to say. The formula is good and on the thin side, but not too runny. The brush is very short (cca. 1 cm) but as you can see, it didn't bother me too much since I didn't have to do much clean-up. The only thing that bothers me is the opacity. I just can't (or won't) bother with a nail polish that needs more than 2 coats to be opaque. That's a fact. Other than that, it's a very good polish. 

Scarlet Red je čudovit rdeč odtenek, vendar se mi zdi, da ga ne bi nosila prav pogosto. Ne vem ali je kriva rožnata rdeča barva ali frosty šimer, a zdi se mi, da takšna barva moje roke postara. Priznam, da nisem privrženka takšnih barv na mojih nohtih. Kar se kakovosti laka tiče, nimam slabih besed. Formula je dobra, a precej tekoča. Čopič je zelo kratek (dolg le kak centimeter), ampak mi ni povzročal prevelikih težav pri nanosu. Slaba prekrivnost laka je edino kar me moti. Resnično se mi ne da ukvarjati z laki, ki za popolno prekrivnost potrebujejo več kot dve plasti. Če odmislim slabo prekrivnost, pa je Fleur de Sante Scarlet Red zelo dober lak. 

Fleur de Sante does not test on animals! / Fleur de Sante svojih izdelkov ne testira na živalih!

*Product was sent to me for review. / Izdelek mi je bil poslan v oceno. 

Thank you for looking and commenting! / Hvala za ogled in komentarje! 


  1. It's surprisingly pink. A nice colours, but not my thing either.

  2. Oh my, we had a whole 'thing' with them awhile back here in Croatia. From what I remember, Fleur de Sante was sold via catalogs, and you had to become a member in order form them to send you the catalogs. If you didn't order anything, they would send you some sort of a 'Beauty Package', which you then had to pay for, regardless of the fact that you didn't even want it. So basically, once you became a member you would have to buy something from each catalog, or they would send you some random crap in order to get you to send them money. Anyway, it was a major scam.
    I don't know if they operate like that anymore. I haven't even heard about this brand for a very long time.

    1. Dear Ms Anonymous, dear readers!

      Fleur de Santé products were on Croatian market some years ago but we currently don’t sell to Croatian market. What specifically was your horrible Fleur de Santé experience is hard to say, but we are glad that you opened this topic, giving us the chance to briefly explain the VIP customer model (WHICH BUY THE WAY WAS CANCELLED FROM MARCH 2012) - The business model was the same in all markets.

      You probably know about the concept of VIP customers? It is used by many. VIP membership brings benefits and privileges and also obligations. A year ago our customers could choose between regular and VIP membership. VIP customers were offered catalogue products at special prices ("Package of the month"), for regular customers the same products were available at a higher price. Regarding the content of "Packets month", we can only quote an old saying that “the tastes are not to be discussed” (for all those that remember their high school Latin, it’s the famous saying: de gustibus non disputandum est). For example: I like Vivian Westwood, but my mom positively hates her designs or... someone really likes perfume “XY” and someone else will run away screaming when smelling it. Sounds familiar?

      It is clear, when deciding on any membership, we have to be presented with terms and conditions – exactly that we have always done and still do with anything we present to our customers. Terms and conditions in question clearly stated that VIP membership means that the customer will receive a package of the month each month, unless they opt for another (by their choice!!) product in our catalogue and if they do not wish to receive Package of the month, they can cancel it by calling customer service. Complicated?


      We would like to add that we are introducing a novelty this month: - Beauty Box - a small box of luxury – again not a new concept. Some of you may know Glossybox, Joliebox, LuxBox ... Now you have a chance to get yourself a little Christmas every month ;-). Also here, it is clearly that anyone who wishes to receive Beauty Box first reads terms and conditions (see links below), agrees with them and than receives the Beauty Box every month, always at the same price and always with free postage & packaging (even when you add other products to your Beauty Box) ... all of this unless you decide not to get it for a month (or more, or never again) and you just let us know via previously mentioned communication channels. Does this seem like a bad offer? Poorly communicated?

      On the links below there are more details about the Beauty Box. You’re welcome to read it and order one for yourself:

      If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

      With best regards and a wonderful weekend to all,
      Fleur de Santé Slovenija team

    2. I am glad you answered, but I don't really appreciate your tone. I don't recall mentioning that I personally had a 'horrible experience' (or any other, for that matter) with your company, so there really was no need to take on such a personal tone. I also clearly stated that it all happened awhile back and that I don't remember all the details (although, from what I gather from your answer, I wasn't very off). However, I do remember a lot of complaints from customers, and that the whole thing was covered by media regarding consumer affairs. And I really don't see the point of patronizing a potential customer and then asking them to place an order.
      Anyway, I have nothing against your company or your customers. And since I am a big fan of Nihrida's blog and have tremendous respect for the work she does, I really don't wanna get involved in any kind of discussion. We've each said what we meant, and that's the end of it for me.

  3. What an amazing colour - I love it! Im just wearing a light green Nailpolish of p2 with light golden shimmer right now... it is leaving soon so I bought it for sales price♥ but I love this colour too and up to now I didn't know this company... I must do a research ;D

    BR Anna


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