Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swatches: Beauty UK Nail Polishes

I got another pachage of Beauty UK polishes from slovenian online store Lič to swatch. Ready for some cute and girly shades? Here's an overview of the polishes I got. 
Beauty UK Nail Polish Swatches

Color drops:
Beauty UK Nail Polish Swatches

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Coral Surprise, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Coral Surprise

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Fucshia, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Fucshia

Beauty UK, Salon Professional, Girl Gone Wild, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Girl Gone Wild

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Pink, 3 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Pink

Beauty UK, Salon Professional, Wow That's Pink, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Wow That's Pink

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Yellow Peril, 3 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Yellow Peril

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Peach Melba, 3 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Peach Melba

Beauty UK, Glam Nails, Red, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Red

I like most of them when it comes to color (with the exception of the yellow one and both salon professional shades). Too bad some of them are 3-coaters, because that leaves me with only 2 polishes I'd actually wear: Red and Coral Surprise. Fucshia comes pretty close, but I don't really see myself wearing pink nail polish in real life that often. These polishes are all quite nice when it comes to quality. I had some problems with the application of the three coaters (Pink, Yellow Peril and Peach Melba) since they all looked patchy after 2 coats. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about them. The brush is OK as is the formula and they dry pretty fast. I like. 

Which is your favorite?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Peach Melba je krasen. Sem ga kar mogla dat na pinterest.

  2. Those are some bright and happy colors! Gorgeous for summer :).

  3. Perfect swatches! Love them.

  4. uuu pink in Fucshia sta lepi...čeprav so zame 3 nanosi čisto preveč :) hehe

  5. Fuchsia and Coral Surprise look really nice on you.

  6. The first 3 top ones in your first picture are such pretty shades! Love them!

  7. I love them all! They all are gorgeous colors. The yellow is my least favorite & the Fucshia, red & Peach being my favs. Great collection.


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