Saturday, February 9, 2013

Buy of the Week: Lacura Nail Polish in Jeans #360

Sometimes you buy something and don't expect too much from it. Just like I did with this nail polish. It's not my first Lacura shade, but Jeans did leave me speechless. Wanna know why? Keep reading then. 

Lacura Jeans is a beautiful periwinkle blue creme that immediately caught my attention in the store. I got it in Hofer (in other countries also known as Aldi) discount supermarket and it was only 1,99 €. For a color this gorgeous, it was very much worth trying. The color doesn't photograph very well in looks pretty much all off. This is the way it looks like in real life. A truly breathtaking periwinkle...

Lacura, Jeans (#360), 2 coats

As I mentioned before, this is not my first Lacura nail polish shade. It's actually my second one. =) I already showed you a fuchsia shade called Cyclam back in 2010. I now remember it being quite opaque, but I didn't like the formula that much. I couldn't remember whether I liked my first one while I was in the store holding Jeans in my hands, but the color was just too pretty to pass. I bought it and I'm really glad I did. Let me tell you one thing. Jeans is a true 1-coater and it has a great formula. Not goopy at all. I love it! I used two coats of it for the photos (just so you can't see my nail ridges), but I swear it's opaque in one coat. Amazing polish! I'm buying myself another shade the next time I visit Hofer. I need more Lacura in my life. 

Have you tried Lacura nail polish?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. pred leti sem mela en ta lak, ampak je bil totalno crappy, očitno so jih res spremenil. huda barva!

  2. Oh i love one coaters! I have quite prominent ridges too and buffing is too damaging, so like you i just do another coat! Always nice to find a bargain, and this looks lovely on you x x x

  3. Haven't tried Lacura yet, but these are very nice swatches! Very pretty blue!

  4. I love this shade of blue (and your polish job;)!!!

  5. The only beauty stuff that I've tried from ALDI are their eye contour creams (quite nice for the price), their lipbalms (again, a hit, with great ingredients) and a handcream (Eco-cert certified). I haven't seen any interesting polishes when I've been there.
    Pity the one here closed down a few years ago and I can only haul when I go to my hometown.

  6. Gorgeous colour! Looks similar to a Kiko one I think you swatched a while back which is on my wish list lol. I haven't seen nail polish in my local Aldi unfortunately :( xx


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