Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Max Factor Make Up Set

I purchased this Max Factor make up set in November last year as I already told you in one of my Weekly Sum-Ups. I had other more interesting things to show you in this time, but I still owe you some thoughts on this set and swatches of the polishes. 

The set contains 5 full size products: three Max Effect Mini Nail Polishes in Hot Pink, Cloudy Blue and Intense Plum; Creme Puff powder in Translucent; 2000 Calorie mascara and a mini Kohl Pencil in Black. A little sample of Face Finitiy Foundation was added too, but I never tried it, 'cause I don't care for it. There were different sets available with different products and I chose this one mainly because of the 2000 Calorie mascara. I payed a little more than 9 € for the set. 
Max Factor Make Up Set

Creme Puff - I really cannot convince myself to use this powder. As soon as I opened the package, I knew we won't be getting along very well. The scent of this powder is so strong, it's almost like a perfume. No, really. I've never ever stumbled upon a face powder with a scent like this one. I think I'll keep it in my make up box and never touch it again. Or who knows: maybe some day, when the smell is gone. ;)

2000 Calorie - I've purchased my first 2000 Calorie mascara back in 2011. It has actually been my favorite mascara for a while and later it was replaced by NYX Doll Eye mascara and then Essence Big Lashes and MUA Mega Volume mascara. But let's get back to the MF one. I know what 2000 Calorie is supposed to do with my lashes and this one just doesn't do it. It looks old and dried up. Looks like Max Factore people picked up all the old, non-usable mascaras, put them in the MU set and started counting the money. I really don't like this one and don't know what to do with it. It looks and feels old. It's good to go straight into the trash. 

Kohl Pencil - A quite mediocre product. It's not very black (the pigmentation isn't good), it's soft, but not as soft as my Essence Black Mania pencil. It smudges easily and the staying power isn't that good at all. Meh. There are tons of better pencils out there. I wouldn't give this one a second look. 

Max Effect Mini Nail Polish - These polishes are ridiculously small and quite expensive. I believe they're around 4 €. Way too much for this amount of polish, don't you think? Small bottle isn't the only downside of these polishes. The thing I hate the most in nail polish - low opacity. I don't think they're worth buying except for one little gem in the collection - Fantasy Fire

From left to right: Hot Pink, Intense Plum, Cloudy Blue
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish

Max Factor, Hot Pink, 2 coats
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Hot Pink

Max Factor, Intense Plum, 3 coats
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Intense Plum

Max Factor, Cloudy Blue, 3 coats
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Cloudy Blue

Well, I believe this is the end for me and Max Factor. I've never liked this brand very much anyway. Mediocre products for a rather high price, plus their involvment in the animal testing. No more for me, please.

Thanks for looking and commenting! 


  1. Uf super paket, sploh za tako nizko ceno!

  2. O wau, toliko izdelkov pa niti en res dober. Kakšen nateg za devet evrov :O

  3. I love the look of cloudy blue and I totally agree with you on the size of the polish. Went to my drugstore to check them out and they are ridiculously tiny. I didn't bother with any of them.

  4. I like to use Creme Puff on shoots :)

  5. I bought another polish from the set, called 'prussian blue' and am super happy with it...but i agree with your reviews of the other products...especially the face powder...

  6. Here in Italy those mini MFs are €4,90, and they're even signed with a "special price!" card...


  7. Im from Russia and MF stands are so boring here... i always yawn when i look at them...

  8. I can't bring myself to buy those tiny little bottles. And they rarely are anything special, with Fantasy fire being the obvious exception :/

  9. Meni nikoli ni bilo jasno kaj je z njimi, ker sem poskusila par stvari (lip glosi, pudri, laki) in me nikoli niso navdušili, posebej ne za to ceno :S potem pa še ugotoviš da testirajo na živalih..ne hvala :)

  10. meni je njihova maskara bila odlična. ove mini lakove sam kupila u setovima tako da je cijeli set bio koliko i jedan lak od 27KN. večeras sam pisala o njihovim mono sjenilima koja kod mene nisu izdržala više od 4 sata sa bazom.

  11. I completely agree with you: everything seems to be so uninspired and expensive.....
    Fantasy Fire is indeed the exception, I love that one as well <3


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