Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Sum-Up #50

R. I. P. Tara (1998-2013)
Tara was my sister's dog. I can still remember the day I first saw her although it was almost 15 years ago (I was in elementary school at that time). She didn't live at my house, but was still a pretty important part of my life. Rest in peace, Tara. 


Tara's death made me appreciate my time with the furry ones even more. We sometimes forget our days together aren't gonna last forever. If nothing else, it's good to be reminded - everything ends and each day counts. Give your pets a huge hug and a kiss on their noses. Add one for me too. 




Lacura Jeans isn't the only polish I wore in the last couple of weeks, but it is the only one worth mentioning.  I adore the color. Period.
Lacura Jeans

Lacura Jeans


Talking about nail polish: Models Own came out with a new collection called Ice Neon.

''The only way to keep fluoro really bright is to KEEP IT COLD! We've packed this collection in specially-designed frosted bottles that you should keep refrigerated to protect the intense fluoro colour from fading. These on-trend neon shades bring summer alive with fluoro flavour, bold and bright. 
Available exclusively in our Bottleshop (Westfield London, White City) on March 9th, online at from March 20th (pre-order from March 1st for guaranteed March 20th UK delivery) and in Boots stores nationwide from March 22nd.'' (Models Own)

Models Own Ice Neon Collection

I'm not too fond of the idea of keeping my nail polish in refrigerator. I keep my food there and that's it. Or maybe I should buy a special little fridge just for nail polish and other cosmetic related stuff. Meh, I don't think so. 

I'm much more interested in the new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine nail color shades. I'll most probably never see any of them on my nails, but it's OK to dream. Besides they all look better on these promo pictures than on the swatches I've seen. If only they looked like this on nails as well...
Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Nail Color

...aaaaand another 6 new shades for Spring 2013 from FNUG. I miss more vibrant colors for spring, but I can see all the shades as FNUG shades. Just the way they are - edgy and muted. First Mover is my favorite.
FNUG Spring 2013 Nail Polish Collection


For those of you who wondered what will I think of the 10 Blush Palette from Ebay: I tried it a couple of times and I have mixed feelings about it. The problem is not all of the shades are equaly soft/pigmented so you never know how much product you're gonna end up with on the brush. Some of the shades are pretty good, some of them are just too wild for me to wear and some are too hard. You can try it, but don't expect too much from it. I personally prefer MUA Blushers. They're cheap, much softer and pigmented. 
Ebay 10 Blush Palette


Book I'm currently reading: Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb. I read the whole Farseer trilogy in Slovene and I loved it so much I bought all three books via Book Depository (I recommend it; they offer a lot of books, have good prices and free worldwide shipping). I also got the first book from The Tawny Man trilogy. What can I say. I love Fitz. 
Robin Hobb Assassin's Apprentice


Jared Leto: my latest man crush. Very talented, artistic and overall special person. With a very bad taste in women (in my opinion of course). He starred in one of my favorite movies - Requiem for a Dream and has his own band called 30 Seconds to Mars. I can't believe he's 41 years old already... 
Jared Leto

Posts of the week(s):

Sandra from Psychosandra is a really awesome make up artist. Gold Line is just one of her latest looks that left me speechless. I want to try it out, buy I don't think I have the eyes or skills to pull it off. 

What are your most common reasons to buy a certain cosmetic product? Rowena from Beauty and the Bullshit listed 10 Worst Reasons to Buy Cosmetics. And I think she's right. I truly recommend you to read her blog regularly. I bet you'll find a lot of information there.

Try imagining China Glaze Strawberry Fields Forever on steroids. What do you get? Based on the post by Elsa from Like a Candy Shop, it would look a lot like Shaka in Burlesque

The Swatchaholic introducted me to the new brand called NailNation 3000 with her swatches of Eve nail polish shade. Is this love? 

What kind of deodorant are you using? Do you make sure it's aluminum-free before you buy it? Here's Killer Colours' post on What's so great about natural deodorants. It certainly got me thinking. 

Both Fashion Polish and Vampy Varnish had some problems concering copyright. Read their Story of Right and WrongA Tale of Large Companies, Small Bloggers and Copyright Infringement. While you're at the Fashion Polish blog, take a look at the new Kiko Sugar Mat Collection. Looks really good, right?


Music of the week:

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Sorry for your loss hun :( I'm going to give both of my dogs lots of love <3

  2. I can get all of the sally hansen shaes, I already have a couple. Lava looks really similar to MAC Bad Fairy if you're familiar with that. If you're interested, maybe we can work out some sort of trade to get you the SH polishes.

  3. My condolences for your sister and you for Tara it is must be very hard.

    great products , you face looks flawless that blush looks good on you

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. My sister's dog Maggie died today. She was 15 as well. Your kitties are adorable!!

  5. Sorry for your loss...
    My boyfriend's cat is getting really old now and I really fear losing her because I love her so much...
    I ordered the blush palette because of you!
    I love your posts and give a kiss for me to your babies

  6. Mi je žal za kužiko..Naj počiva v miru :(

    Sally Hansen laki zgledajo božansko,a vseeno..Najlepši (najboljši) del tvojega tokratnega posta je Jared. *,* Obožujem ga,še bolj pa njegov band :D

  7. Really sorry for your loss, I know how it feels, I've lost my dog. But now I have two cats that I'm puoring my love over.
    Beautfiul nail polishes. I love the blue shade.

  8. Te Models Own lake bi pa mela....samo zato, ker so nekaj novega :)

  9. Hugging all nine of my babies right away! so sorry for the loss of your sister's beloved baby:-(

    Agreed on Jared Leto. I've had my eyes on him for 20 years, yeah I'm that old, lol! He's dead sexy & freakin' talented to boot!


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