Friday, March 1, 2013

New From Essence: Floral Grunge Trend Edition

''Opposites attract! The new Essence trend edition “Floral Grunge” unites floral, feminine elements with cool grunge accents in April and May 2013. Soft and intense colors, fine and rough textures, floral lace designs and edgy studs – playful hippy chic meets casual grunge style! This trend edition offers so many highlights: the stick-on eyeliners with a velvet or stud look and the hair powder for eye-catching color in your hair are absolute must-haves. Smells like spring spirit!'' (Essence)
Essence Floral Grunge Trend Edition

Finally something  interesting (well, kind of) from Essence. I like the blush and I'll probably buy it too if it turns out to be soft and pigmented. Coral nail polish and the dark one look nice too. And I have to say they didn't need a lot of time to copy the hair dye powder idea. Good one, Essence. Not a complete hit, but way better than some of the previous trend editions. 

What do you say about Essence Floral Grunge TE?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I need that hair band, I need that hair band

  2. I'm surprised you didn't mention the studded hairband!!

  3. The nail polish looks nice...
    I don't see anything "wow" in this collection...

  4. I like the darker eyeshadow, the blush, and the nail polishes. I agree, finally something we can look forward to.

  5. I like the blush, and am curious about the mini lip glosses in lilac and mint :D


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