Friday, March 8, 2013

piCture pOlish - Majesty

Just a few words before we go to the polish goodness: I'm sorry for the lacks of posts in the last couple of weeks. Between job and other things that come in the way, I'm just too tired or too uninspired to post. While I'm at it - I'm tired as hell while I type this... My only wishes are: shower, bed and sleeeeeeeep. Rant over. 

It's time for another piCture pOlish ... well, polish. This one is a collaboration shade called Majesty by Sahrish Adeel:
''Majesty was created with Sahrish from Sahrish Adeel's Blog and forms part of our Collaboration collection.  Sahrish requested to create a shade that would be perfect for every occasion, every skin type, every age -  basically everyone!  And what a challenge that became however we never gave up!  So that is what was fashioned!  And yes with Majesty your nails will look perfect everyday...  Majesty is a taupe/pink/nude with micro gold sparks and holo (scattered) and has no glitter. Majesty contains a holographic shimmer to create a shade just perfect for everyone for every occasion!'' (piCture pOlish)
Picture Polish - Majesty

There couldn't be a better name for this polish. It looks rich and noble, like a content of an expensive champaigne bottle. It's truly amazing and even better looking in real life. 
Picture Polish - Majesty

piCture pOlish, Majesty, 3 coats
Picture Polish - Majesty

I used 3 coats of this sparkly polish for my swatches. You can see it's not completely opaque after three layers, but it's a kind of shade where it doesn't really matter. It makes the nails look blingtastic without making them look cheap or give you a look of 'old hands' as some champagne shades do. It's actually funny how I like this shade so much when it's not even close to something I would choose to wear in my everyday life. I have to admit. It is magical in a way. The formula was great on this one and so was the application. And once again - it looks even better in real life. 
Picture Polish - Majesty

I took a photo of Majesty outdoors to show you it's other - pinkier side. Plus the holographic shimmer is more visible here. Stunner!
Picture Polish - Majesty

You can buy Majesty nail polish in piCture pOlish online store for AU$12.00. Check out their Network Page to find the sellers near you.

You can also find piCture pOlish on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

*Polish was sent to me for review. 

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the slight pale pink around the edges. It's so nice to find a gold-ish polish which isn't too yellow!

  2. Stunnig swatches of an amazing color - never seen this one before but I like it!

  3. your blog is one of my very favourite.. I miss your posts!:) take your time and relax though, there are more important things in life than blogging:)


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