Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekly Sum-Up #51

Forever late: here's my weekly sum-up #50. Let's start it off with the furry ones, like we usually do. Here are Arya and Zoro. Chillin'. 
Arya & Zoro

Not sure why, but she looks bored as hell. If I think about it... it's her "bit*h please" face.

My second try at origami kusudama. This one is called Sea Star. It looks awesome and it's easy to do, but I can't see what to use it for. I hate things that just stand there and collect dust. Especially if they're out of paper (books not included!). 


This is my last beauty buy. I went to Drogerie Markt which is becoming my favorite drugstore. It used to be Müller, but since I'm gaga for Balea products, I rather go to DM. Well, the polishes and Essence stuff was purchased in Müller, the other items in DM. I got:
Latest Beauty Buy

Balea MED Deo Roll-on Balsam (50 mL) - 1,45 €
I'm trying to stop using deodorants that contain aluminum chloride and start using the healthier versions. One of the test deo roll-ons is also this one by Balea. I can't say if it's working alright, 'cause it's still too soon. It has a nice neutral powdery scent, but we'll see. 

Das Gesunde Plus Haar Vital Komplex Kapseln (60 capsules) - 2,25 €
I was looking for Vitamin B complex capsules, but couldn't find them. I got these instead which have zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12, biotin, folic acid and niacine (aka Vitamin B3). Everything I need. I'll see if it works - one day one capsule. 

* Balea Professional Locken Styling Cream (150 mL) - 3,25 €

My naturally curly hair needs some taming every once in a while and that's when the hair cream for curly hair comes in. I used it once so far and it's good. I wish it smelled a bit nicer, but I'm not saying I hate the scent. It's definitely worth the price you pay. 

I also got Ebelin Hair Elastics (I loose them all the time like I have a friggin' black hole in my room), Aldo Vandini Spirit of India EDT, Essence Nail Art polish in Cool Breeze, Catrice polishes from the new line in Shopping Day at Bluemingdales and Squeeze Me and Essence Stick-on Eyeliner.


And here's a product I first used in January - Butterfly Foot Mask and felt sorry for using it for a whole month of February. I thought of writing about it in it's own post, but changed my mind. It's just too stupid. My sister told me about this great foot mask she found on the internet. You apply it and a few days later, your feet start to peel. When the skin peels off, you end up with the most soft, baby like feet ever. I don't have too much problems with the skin on my feet, but if there's any thing I can do to make it softer, I'm in! And so I purchased the mask via Ebay. This is how the package looked. 
Butterfly Foot Mask
I didn't make any photos of me using it and I certainly didn't make any photos of my peeling feet afterwards. It was just plain gross and disturbing. I applied the mask to my feet on 24th of January. The mask is basically a liquid in two plastic bags in the shape of feet. You put them on like socks, tape the top and leave it on your feet for a couple of hours. It's cold and not very comfortable and it has a strong medicinal scent. After a couple of hours, you remove the mask and dry your feet (no rinsing). The skin on my feet started peeling 6 days after. And it didn't peel off in huge chunks like some photos of it show. It was a long and very annoying process. It took over 3 weeks in total. I was losing my mind in that time. My skin was everywhere and my socks were too gross for words. The skin underneath was soft, but it wasn't worth the 3 week torture. I could get the same result with a foot file. It's a journey I never wish to repeat. Again. 


My sister tells me I'm late, but I swear I haven't seen this type of moustache sunglasses before. I thought they were the best thing ever. But then my brain switched to ON mode and I realized they're pretty much useless. Me and my obsession with weird stuff. 
Moustache Sunglasses


Posts of the week(s): 

Swatchaholic posted swatches of China Glaze Hologlam Collection: Part I and Part II. Galactic Gray and Strap on Your Moonboots are my favorite, but I doubt I'll buy them. 

Any chrome nail polish lovers out there? You're gonna love the Kiko Mirror Collection picture spam by Fashion Polish. And she's got a little something for the Ozotic Scatter Chrome lovers too. Breathtaking!

Spector's Nails posted a very unique Water Spotted manicure. Love the colors she used and combined together, plus her execution is flawless. 

Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... posted swatches of 6 new Catrice shades. Two of those are the ones I bought as well. I guess Shopping Day at Bluemingdales and Squeeze Me are a real winners. 

Mirma Natalia keeps leaving me speechless with her amazing swatches. Check out her massive post on holographic shades. And while we're talking about holographic polish, here are her swatches of the Dance Legend New Prism Collection

Mirror Mirror on Candy Glaze's nails. And something Greener from the land of Nubar. Amazing nails, amazing application and great photos. 

Even more greener (I know I failed at this description) and even sparklier than Nubar - Cirque Lonesome George by The Polished Perfectionist. Damn, it's shiny!

Rimmel Cocktail Colours are taking over the nail polish world. Based on the swatches by Coewless, they're gonna get even more fame soon. Who can resist a polish when it's swatched like this?

And another non-polish related post by Klaire de Lys who posted on how to do your own lace face mask. Pretty time consuming, but gorgeous. 


Music of the week(s): I wish this was an original. Beautiful.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I hope we will see some review about the Spirit of India edt :)

  2. The sunglasses are too cute! And I also hate things that don't do anything and just collect dust.

  3. Awwwww your cat looks so much like mine!

  4. je ta essence lak mat topcoat..? ne vem v čem je fora, v ljubljanskem müellerju vseh hudih essence topcoatov kar nimajo več, važno da je ostal kup glitter wannabe holographic flaškic, ampak ko rata mat res poznan širši "beauty javnosti" ga ne dobiš več. vem da se je prijateljica pritoževala, da ga ne vidi nikol na tisti polici, mogoče bi se splačalo it pogledat v kak drug müeller, ker mene tudi ne tolaži dejstvo, da mam še manj kot pol tele flaške in potem fertik.
    pozna katera primerno kvaliteten nadomestek + da je low budget..?

    1. Ne, to je neka verzija z bleščicami. Mat nadlak je šel iz prodaje in sedaj prodajajo neko 'soft touch' verzijo. Baje ni tako matirajoč kot prejšnji. Vsi ostali, ki jih poznam so precej dražji. Vsaj tisti, ki so na voljo pri nas (Essie ipd.).

    2. hvala za odgovor. :) sem slišala, da je neka kolegica kupila od manhatna (? nisem preprilana), je dražji in baje švoh kot mat nadlak.

  5. Those kitty pictures ♥ I always love them so much! That feet peeling mask sounds... interesting? But yeah, having peelies for so long might be gross.

    Thanks for the link love dear!


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