Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Essence Trend Editions: Guerilla Gardening & High Heel Mania

''The urban jungle is calling as they approach after sunset! Armed with shovels, soil, watering cans and colorful flowers, diligent guerilla gardeners transform dreary backyards, traffic islands and barren blocks of concrete into a blossoming oasis. The new trend edition “Guerilla Gardening” by Essence is dedicated to green pioneers in May 2013. Botanical shades like bright and dark green as well as earthy brown are just as essential as bright pink and intensive red for that extra special spring feeling. Innovative products guarantee a fantastic mood and ensure that all guerilla gardening girls are perfectly equipped!'' (Essence)
Essence Guerilla Gardening Trend Edition

''High heels - no girl ever wants to go without an extra couple of inches. In May and June 2013, Essence presents the new Show Your Feet trend edition “High Heel Mania” so all high-heel addicts can get their feet into top shape! This trend edition unites perfect style for your feet with a passion for shoes: special bright and summery nail polishes for toenails, cute heart-shaped comfort pads, trendy stickers for soles, practical heel protectors as well as cool nail stickers and body tattoos. These exciting products are sure to get your feet ready to make a grand entrance this spring – so go for it: show your feet… in high heels!'' (Essence)
Essence Show Your Feet High Heel Mania Trend Edition


Two new trend edition from Essence for May and June. I like Guerilla Gardening one, because it looks like something new (idea wise, not the products) and I also like the earthy colors mixed with green, bright red and pink. I might have to look at the polishes from the High Heel Mania TE too. Love those! 

What do you think?

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  1. I like the nail-polish colours from both collections :D .

  2. They look really nice, I am wondering if it would be available in The Netherlands....:)

  3. I loved the High Heel Mania one! I think that it's really cool to have a whole collection dedicated to feet (of course here is fall but in spring it comes very useful). The sole stickers that seem like something so stupid would be fun to use for a party and match it to the nail polish :).

  4. I'm really excited about nail effect powder! i hope it's not sold out by the time i find it in stores!

  5. nail stickers and body art tatoo they look amazing from the heels collection

  6. Oh ja...Bo potrebno nabavit zelen lak iz gardening kolekcije in viola, turkiz/moder iz high heels :) A must have

  7. I like green polish in "...gardening" and sole stickers ^^


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