Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Essence Trend Edition: Ticket to Paradise

''Last call for all passengers with a ticket to paradise! With its trend edition “Ticket to Paradise” Essence is sending all sun goddesses to beautiful beaches, tropical climates and idyllic islands where fun and relaxation are in perfect harmony this June and July 2013. Bright colors like gold, orange, fuchsia, purple, turquoise and azure blue spread a feeling of pure summer while light, gel-like textures give your face a fresh glow without feeling heavy on your skin – just right for the high temperatures at the beach or when you’re out and about!'' (Essence)
Essence Ticket To Paradise Trend Edition

In my opinion not as interesting trend edition as Girls on Tour (although that one isn't Essence's biggest gem either). Eyeshadows don't go cause they need an applicator (I prefer them in a pencil - like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils) and applying them with fingers is too messy for me. Lipliners... well, it would be better if you could buy lipsticks in the same colors too. I don't even wanna know what lipglosses would look like on me and I'm too old for hair mascara. Shimmer Powder looks rather nice and I hope it will be as light in real life too. Most of them are usually too dark for my skintone. And about the polishes: I only like the turquoise one, but I believe I own one or two similar shades already. Where are trend editions that will make me feel excited? Do we have too much of everything and can't feel the excitement anymore? Do you think Essence doesn't try as hard anymore? 

What do you think?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I am more excited about this one than about Girls on Tour haha
    I have my eye on the mint eyeshadow (let's hope it's not too sheer), the shimmer powder and the lipliners.

  2. I don't understand why do they put out so many dull and bland collections instead of just a few or even one which would be thoroughly planned and well designed. It's true that we as consumers may be hard to impress these days, but nevertheless, there are so many novelties in make up trends, beauty products, nail care and nail design, accessories and such, that they really should be able to offer something new and interesting every once in a while. I mean, with all the beauty blogs and what-nots, it's really not that hard to follow the trends and see what people want and need. Come on, hair mascara? Really? I remember hair mascara when it was a new thing in the early 90's. Move on, Essence. Just my 2cents.

  3. I am almost extatic about the eyeshadows - hope they are a cream? for me finger application is less messy than brushes:) well I think that essence is focused on girls 15-20 and they will be more than happy to buy a hair mascara and pink nailpolish for very cheap:)

  4. Uh, jaz sem se pa nad norimi lipglossi precej razveselila :D

  5. Hočem shimmer powder. Gojim rahlo obsedenost z njimi. :P Drugač pa, kaj je s turkiznim glossom? Haha. x


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