Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Born Pretty Store - CH Nail Lacquer #8

I'm back with a jelly nail polish goodness I got from Born Pretty Store. This is a CH Nail Lacquer in number 8
Born Pretty Store - CH Nail Lacquer #8

CH Nail Lacquer, #8, 3 coats
Born Pretty Store - CH Nail Lacquer #8

  This nail polish is described as an UV/LED light fluorescent polish, which means it glows under UV light. I don't go to clubs, so there's no real value in it for me, but I know some of you might like it. EDIT: I tried it under UV light and it doesn't really glow. It does look lighter (like lilac) under the light, but it doesn't have that fluo glow.

 The thing I really like is the brush - flat and neatly cut. The application is OK: althought the brush is wonderful, I had some troubles with the jelly formula. I'm not a big fan of jelly polishes and maybe that's why I can't seem to apply them properly. There are always some bald spots that make me go crazy... I'm not saying it's formula's fault though. I used three coats of polish on my photos (because they're photos and bald spots are more visible on pictures), but two would be enough as well: a thin first coat and a slightly thicker second one. Although I love this color, the brush and the formula isn't bad either - I just hate the drying time. I feel it takes forever to dry and when I think it's dry, I get a finger print or a smudge on my nails. Fast drying top coat didn't help much in my case. Is this drying time thing a curse of jelly polishes? I really haven't tried enough of them to tell for sure. 
Born Pretty Store - CH Nail Lacquer #8

P. S.: This polish looks matte on Born Pretty Store website. Mine didn't dry into a matte finish. Well, maybe it was because it didn't dry at all. Who knows.
Born Pretty Store - CH Nail Lacquer #8

If you're planning on buying from Born Pretty Store, here's a 10% off code for you - SSG10. I also put it in a sidebar, so it's easier for you to find it.
*Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

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  1. I loved this colour and tried to find it on the website but I could not see it :(

  2. Click on the link above my last nail polish photo. You can also look on Born Pretty Store under Beauty Nail Art > Nail Polish & Related Items > Fluorescent Polish. It's the dark purple one.

  3. Beautiful, I truly love jellies and this colour is so springy!


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