Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Swatches: NYX Girls Nail Polish (Part IV)

This is what I was doing all day yesterday: swatching 19 NYX Girls polish shades for Slovenian online store Moja Drogerija. Would it be weird to say my nails hurt after all the polishing and removing the polish so many times? Well, it wasn't hard to do it - it never is if you like what you do.

When I first looked at the polishes I received for swatching, I thought there was a mistake - a few shades looked so similar, I thought they were the same shade. After taking a closer look, I realized they're not. =) This one is for pink, red and bright coral lovers. 

NYX Girls, Bermuda Triangle (NGP 195), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Bermuda Triangle

NYX Girls, Bloody Mary (NGP 189), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Bloody Mary

NYX Girls, Cranberry Red (NGP 180), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Cranberry Red

NYX Girls, Fruity Punch (NGP 243), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Fruity Punch

NYX Girls, Maui Sunrise (NGP 218), 3 coats
NYX Girls - Maui Sunrise

NYX Girls, Rum Punch (NGP 201), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Rum Punch

NYX Girls, True Navy (NGP 127), 2 coats
NYX Girls - True Navy

NYX Girls, Zurich (NGP 233), 3 coats
NYX Girls - Zurich

NYX Girls, Chick Lit (NGP 157), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Chick Lit

NYX Girls, Dusty Pink (NGP 212), 2-3 coats
NYX Girls - Dusty Pink

NYX Girls, Genesis (NGP 230), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Genesis

NYX Girls, Grapefruit (NGP 146), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Grapefruit

NYX Girls, Kinky Pink (NGP 205), 3 coats
NYX Girls - Kinky Pink

NYX Girls, Love at First Sight (NGP 206), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Love at First Sight

NYX Girls, Poppy (NGP 186), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Poppy

NYX Girls, Red Noir (NGP 219), 2-3 coats
NYX Girls - Red Noir

NYX Girls, Vintage Red (NGP 204), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Vintage Red

NYX Girls, Unbreak My Heart (NGP 194), 2 coats
NYX Girls - Unbreak My Heart

NYX Girls, Cheeky Chic (NGP 117), 3 coats
NYX Girls - Cheeky Chic

NYX Girls, Vintage Red + Cheeky Chic
NYX Girls - Vintage Red & Cheeky Chic

NYX Girls - Vintage Red & Cheeky Chic

As I said, many of the polishes look a lot alike so I made a little comparison for you. These are the red shades. Bloody Mary is a warm tomato red. A wonderful of great quality. I love it! Vintage Red is a muted red jelly which applies thin and is opaque in only 2 coats. Red Noir is the darkest of the bunch. It looks darker in the bottle though, since it's a classic cool toned medium red on the nails. It has a jelly-like formula and needs 2 to 3 coats for opacity. 
NYX Girls Comparison

Moving on to the red-ish corals. Cranberry Red and Grapefruit are VERY similar. The main difference is the Grapefruit is a quarter of a shade lighter and more on the warm side. Cranberry is a bit darker and cooler. They're both amazing polishes - the quality of the polish is superb. The application was super easy and they're both pretty much opaque in 1 coat. Unbreak My Heart is pretty much the same thing (color and formula wise), only brighter and stronger. I recommend any of these if you're looking for a fun bright coral nail polish for summer. I love them all!
NYX Girls Comparison

And last - orange & orange corals. The coral shades above are more on the red side and the ones below go more towards the orange side. Fruity Punch is your typical bright orange shade. It's bright, but not neon. Poppy is kind of like Grapefruit, only with more orange tone to it. It's a 2-coater. Love at First Sight is a bright orange toned coral. Although the corals from above and these two below look very similar, there are a few differences between. Leaning toward orange or red, cool or warm toned. I think every lady should have a coral nail polish in their collection. Yeah, I didn't even like coral a couple of years ago and now I love it. 
NYX Girls Comparison

Slovenian ladies can buy NYX Girls polishes in Moja Drogerija online store and I have a good news for international ladies as well - NYX polishes are available on Cherry Culture and they're having a 40% off all NYX items with a code NYX4013. The code is valid until May 8th, so hurry up. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Wow! Amazing polishes. I especially love Maui Sunrise :) So pretty. And you are right, some of the shades look very similar, yet different.

  2. Beautiful! Maui and Bermuda <333

    Happy to be your newest follower!

  3. I don't own any NYX Girls polishes, but after seeing your swatches I'll definitely need to check them out.

  4. Wow, I wish I had the whole collection!

  5. wow, great swatches! my favorite is definitely bermuda triangle :)

  6. Wow! quite a bit of work swatching 19 polishes! chapeau!
    I only own Maui sunrise of all these, and I was wondering does True Navy stain the nails? I'm always afraid of buying intense blue polish because I hate staining..

    1. I didn't wear True Navy for a long time... I didn't see any stains. Most of the time, it's the turquoise blue shades that stain. At least in my experience. I'd say - go for it!

  7. Rum Punch i Cranberry red su mi najlepsi, mada ih ima jos dosta koje bih kupila :D
    Imena su im potpuno fantasticna! Stoje ti divno, pogotovo te roze i crvene nijanse :)

  8. Great job you have done!
    Chick Lit is my favourite! :)

  9. Your nails are stunning! Bermuda Triangle looks really similar to OPI Fly. Do you have both? Would you swatch them side-by-side?

    1. Sorry, but I don't own OPI Fly. Based on the photos I've seen of Fly, they do seem pretty similar, but I don't know if Fly photographs well (if the photos are true in color).

  10. Thank you so much for these NYX Girls swatches. I have a lot of these polishes, and I think your swatch photos are the best I've seen online. Now I can go to one place and decide if I *really* have all the shades in this line that I want.


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