Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekly Sum-Up #53

Summing up the last tree weeks (or something like that). Let's start with news from the nail polish world. OK, they're not exactly news, cause it took me forever to post this, but still: Here's a FNUG collection for Summer 2013. Look a Like and Go-To are awesome. I'd totally wear those two. 
FNUG Summer 2013

I almost fell off my chair when I saw this Aussie add on german Drogerie Markt site. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the products will be available in my country as well, because I'm dying to try their 3 Minute Miracle thingy. I almost bought it online a couple of years ago, but changed my mind due to insane price tags. 
Aussie Products in DM

I didn't wear a lot of different shades on my nails in the last few weeks (if we count out the NYX swatching fest). I wore Frankenpolish by Andrea (on photo below), Essence Black to the Roots, Sinful Allure, Dance Legend SpacecraftCatrice I Wear My Sunglasses At Night and Essence Kiss of the Mermaid.
Frankenpolish by Andrea

Aishila at last. Bombi and Lisa are stealing the spotlight lately, but I have to tell you Aishila is doing quite well. She still has some troubles breathing and her left eye is watering, but she's alive and well - playful and just a little angel she can be. Nose-kisses!

This used to be Jimi: a black long-haired cat, but now I call her my ombre cat. She's getting brown for cake's sake! WTF?! She's still a tomboy/lady alpha female, but her hair is getting ridiculous. Like mine. 
Ombre Cat

Speaking of cats. I couldn't resist this cute New Yorker T-shirt... Simple and straight forward. Meow. That's all you need to say. =D 
Meow T-Shirt

Ombre cat with her ombre owner. At least her fur isn't as messy as mine. Hee hee. Say what you want - it's clear we belong together. 
Ombre Cat

My (wannabe) suspender tights - one of my this years Ebay buys. I love the way they look and I think I need more. =) And yes, I know this angle isn't very flattering, but who cares. 
Suspender Tights

Last but certainly not least - Rammstein concert was A-f*cking-MAZING! I got to see blonde Till Lindeman in pink furry jacket and a whole lot of fire action on the stage. I was a bit disappointed with the sound, but I had so much fun it doesn't even matter anymore. It wasn't just a concert, it was a show. And I'm glad I can say I was there.
Rammstein Concert Ljubljana 2013


Posts of the week(s):

Fashion Polish posted swatches of two Takko Lacquers in Kiss the Sky and Opium. Who dares to say they aren't some of the prettiest shades you've ever seen? I'm mesmerized by Kiss the Sky, I admit. While you're there, check out her China Glaze Hologlam Collection Review and China Glaze Texture Review

Wanna see a sh*tload of neon nail polish? Mirma Natalia swatched the Dance Legend Neonic Collection 2013. Perfect for summer!

This Duochrome Black & Green eye make up look is the most awesome thing I've seen in a while. Blanka from Anatomy of Beauty surely knows her way around colors. 

All the electric blue nail polish lovers, here's one for you: Electric-blue Love by Elsa from Like a Candy Shop. Thank goodness I own two of them otherwise I'd be going mad right now. Elsa also posted her French Manicure with a Twist and I must say I dig it. A lot. And her Pink Degradé post. I swear I did the exact same thing for a tutorial couple of months ago. With pink and all. Weird! =) 

Remember Hunger Games? Remember China Glaze's collection inspired by the same book? Let me remind you with a little help from China Glaze Stone Cold and Das Experiment

If you got it, you got it. And Sarah from Chalkboard Nails certainly does. Have it. This is her Citrus Water Marble Nail Art. Look and weep. 


Video of the week(s): No music this time. Let's face it, it would be another Rammstein video anyway. =) Watch this excited dog instead. It's awesome. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I LOVE the T shirt!!! :)
    Nice legs btw ;)

  2. Aussie proizvodi su već stigli u DM u Hrvatskoj, tako da vjerujem da će i kod svaki čas, ako već nisu:-)
    Mačke su preslatke!!!

  3. Nice nail colours and nice t-shirt!

  4. LOVELY CATS!!! The weird-haired one is SOOOOOOOOO beautiful :)
    I hope Aishyla eye is better soon.

  5. aussie je stigao u hrvatske trgovine, i premda ga ja još nisam probala, zavladala je prava histerija za njim ;)
    aishila je preslatka, drago mi je da se drži <3
    a ti i jimi ste savršen par, majica je samo deklaracija vaše veze ;)

  6. Loved the video! My dogs love their cat! Hehehehehe

  7. You have super amazing photos in this post. I love everything in it especially the video. I like your taste in fashion. Keep on posting! :-)

  8. You need these:

  9. Hi Nirhida,

    I love your photos! I am amazed with your taste in fashion. Those suspender tights look so cool. I will look for it in ebay. Thanks for sharing! :-D

  10. Hi, I rescued a black long haired kitten from the supermarket yard where I work - he looks like a mini version of Jimi :) (not ombre yet though lol)

    I can get Aussie products if you want - they are often on a 3 for 2 or some other offer but I don't know how much postage would be. Let me know if you want me to find out xx

    1. Awwww, so nice to hear another kitten got rescued! <3
      Thank you so much for your offer, but I bet the shipping costs would be ridiculous...

  11. No problem - you are probably right! They would be pretty heavy to post lol - I have tried various 3 min miracle products and they are nice enough but not miraculous by any means. I have been reading about home made deep conditioners which sound more worth trying:

    Our mini Jimi (Jasper) is doing very well and has doubled in size in the month we have had him! He is like a new kitten :) with plenty of energy to keep pestering my 2 cats lol xx


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