Monday, June 24, 2013

a England - Briar Rose (Burne-Jones Dream Collection)

Here's a second polish from the a England Burne-Jones Dream Collection. This one is called Briar Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty). Have I mentioned Sleeping Beauty is my favorite fairytale? 
a England - Briar Rose (Burne-Jones Dream Collection)

a England, Briar Rose, 2 coats
a England - Briar Rose (Burne-Jones Dream Collection)

Briar Rose is a reddish pink (cerise) color with non linear holographic shimmer. The formula was great, as was the application - I used 2 coats for my swatches. I love the fact Adina keeps making these shimmery holo shades and I hope we'll end up with a whole color specter of them. I'm not a big pink nail polish fan, but I do think this one is absolutely stunning. 
a England - Briar Rose (Burne-Jones Dream Collection)

Outdoors, natural lighting: my photos doesn't do this polish justice. It's hard to capture it's beauty on camera since it's so packed with shimmer... As with other a England shades, you need to see this one in person to really see what it's all about. 
a England - Briar Rose (Burne-Jones Dream Collection)

a England - Briar Rose (Burne-Jones Dream Collection)

Shades from the Burne-Jones Dream collection will soon be available on a England website. Until then, you can contact Adina and ask for them. You can also find a England on Twitter and Facebook

*Polish was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

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