Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fragrance Direct Purchase

I read a bunch of good reviews for Tigi Bed Head After Party and I wanted to have it. It was quite cheap (compared to salon prices here in Slovenia) on Fragrance Direct, so I ordered it online. Along with a bunch of lipstick I'll probably never wear/use. I like to buy lipstick, but when it comes to wearing them - fail. At least they were cheap. Althought I really need to get my buying urges under control.
Fragrance Direct Purchase

For those of you who have experiences with Tigi After Party, I would be happy to get your opinion about it. It's just like with so many other things - it's important that I have it, although I'm not sure what to use it for or how. Any advice? 

Aaand swatches of the lipsticks. Playboy one is my least favorite, but I really like the CK ones and Maybelline Mauve Diamonds. And of course the Rimmel by Kate ones. Not a total miss when it comes to colors, but only if I get myself to wear them too. 

Calvin Klein, Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in First Kiss
Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in First Kiss

Calvin Klein, Delicious Truth in Retro
Calvin Klein Delicious Truth in Retro

Maybelline, Colour Sensational in Mauve Diamonds
Maybelline Colour Sensational in Mauve Diamonds

Playboy Cosmetics, Stiletto Lip Shine in Scandal
Playboy Cosmetics Stiletto Lip Shine in Scandal

Rimmel, Colour Show Off in Love Me
Rimmel Colour Show Off in Love Me

Rimmel, Lasting Finish by Kate in 05
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 05

Rimmel, Lasting Finish by Kate in 19
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 19

Have you ever ordered anything from Fragrance Direct? What are your experiences with them?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I'm a fan of Afterparty. I smooth a lil bit of it over my hair when I wear it down as a "finishing touch". It makes it feel really silky, smooths flyaways and smells very good. :) Just don't use too much or it can look greasy.

  2. Oh, šminke <3
    Jaz imam ta Tigi balzam že celo večnost ker ga nisem znala uporabiti. Na začetku sem ga sovražila ker mi je naredil lase preveč težke in mastne. Zdaj pa ga nanašam na špice mokrih las in je kar OK če hočeš da lasje izgledajo bolj ''gladki'' in manj razcepljeni :)

  3. I love Kate lipsticks. They are very creamy and very nice colors :)

  4. I use Afterparty - just a small amount on my hair after I blow-dry. I run it through the ends, mostly, to smooth it. It smells great! Just be careful about getting it on your face (around the hairline). It's how I learned that I had a reaction to silicone. As long as it doesn't touch my scalp, and I wash my hands right away, it doesn't cause problems.

  5. I love Fragrance Direct! I just received my 2nd order from them today - they have a wonderful selection of nail polish - I bought 12 bottles :D, including 3 gorgeous OPIs, an Essie and 6 Revlons! Also a Jemma Kid concealer and some nail glue. All for £30 inc postage - very happy!


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