Thursday, June 6, 2013

New From Essence: Tribal Summer Trend Edition

''Tribal dance! In July and August 2013, the new Essence trend edition “Tribal Summer” ensures a stylish mix of patterns, trendy aztec prints and cool tribal designs in warm colors like orange, pink, red, purple, lilac, copper and gold to spread the pure feeling of summer. This trend edition offers lots of must-haves for all urban squaws. These include our popular pigments in bright colors, longlasting lipsticks and a bronzing powder with a tribal embossment.'' (Essence)
Essence Tribal Summer Trend Edition

I prefer the look of this trend edition over some of the other latest TE's, but I doubt I'll be buying anything. When it comes to originality, it's all 'yawn' for me. How about you?

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  1. Šminki zgledata fletno, verjetno bom malo vrgla uč tudi na pigmentke, to je pa to. Pa verjetno kupila kakšen lak, čeprav zdaj pravim, da ne.

  2. I like only the lipsticks...the rest of the products is kinda bla...

  3. Definitely interested in the longlasting lipsticks. If they're as good as the ones they released with their "Home Sweet Home" collection and not the exact same colours I'm getting these too.

  4. I don't really go for collections and their "OMGNEWNESS!!!" anyway, so I'm not really the one to judge :D .

  5. All these essence collections kill me! I wish essence was readily available here :(

  6. The hair feather is a bit pointless, but the tip painters are definitely interesting. And I want to see the nail polishes in person and/or swatched, you never know..

  7. I love this LE. Sadly, it's not coming to The Netherlands.

  8. I think these products are great. Like the colors and shades especially the lippies. i think I wanna try them out.


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