Monday, July 1, 2013

Dance Legend - Malta no. 84

Shall we dance some more? Here's another nail polish from the Russian brand called Dance Legend.
Dance Legend - Malta no. 84

Dance Legend nail polish in number 84 belongs to the Malta line. Polish shades from mentioned line all contain golden/bronze micro shimmer and are quite interesting. Number 84 immediately caught my attention with its dusty lilac color and subtle golden shimmer. It's pretty much the best lilac polish I own - and not only colorwise, the quality of this polish is superb. 
Dance Legend - Malta no. 84

Dance Legend, Malta no. 84, 2 coats
Dance Legend - Malta no. 84

Dance Legend - Malta no. 84

Dance Legend Malta no. 84 has a wonderful formula and a great flat brush which make the application really easy. This shade is opaque in 1 single coat. Yeah, that's right. One coat, people! I used two for my swatches for the depth (two coats always look much better on photos than one). The polish dries fast and is all in all just amazing. If you like a really glossy finish, you'll probably need a layer of top coat over it though.
Dance Legend - Malta no. 84

You can buy this polish on Dance Legend online store for 9.00 USD. Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

*Product was sent to me by the company. 

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