Tuesday, July 9, 2013

piCture pOlish - Shocked by Shatter Me Claire

Here's another piCture pOlish scattered holographic shimmery nail polish for you. It's, again, one of the collaboration shades and it's called Shocked
piCture pOlish - Shocked by Shatter Me Claire
"Shocked was created with Sarah from Shatter Me Claire. Inspiration: Sarah is a 'pink' fanatic no more to say... Shocked is a dark fuschia pink jelly holo (scattered) that has no glitter and transforms with the change of light." (piCture pOlish)
piCture pOlish - Shocked by Shatter Me Claire

piCture pOlish, Shocked, 3 coats
piCture pOlish - Shocked by Shatter Me Claire

Shocked is a little bit more cool toned than it looks on my photos. It's a perfect fuchsia shade for all of those who like this type of color on their nails. I'm just not one of them. This polish is a jelly and it requires 3 coats. The application was easy and the polish dries relatively fast. Formula and brush are impeccable - hello, piCture pOlish quality! If it was only opaque in 2 coats, but there's only so much we can expect from a jelly, right?
piCture pOlish - Shocked by Shatter Me Claire

You can buy Shocked nail polish on piCture pOlish online store for AU$12.00. Check out their Network Page to find the sellers near you.

You can also find piCture pOlish on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

*Polish was sent to me for review. 

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