Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nail Marble with Face Cream

Have you seen this Designer Nail Art video where they use a special gel suspension and something that looks like a hair pick to create a marble nail art? If not, here's the video: check it out, it's pretty interesting. 

I searched for the Designer Nail Art website to find more information about the product, but without much luck. No ingredients list, no price tag... nothing. There is information on how to dip your fingers into the solution though. Priceless.

Not being too fond of these type of products where it looks like they're just trying to sell you the air you breathe, I decided to try this type of marbling by myself. With the things I found in my own home. I used a face cream (Eveline Pure Control Moisturizing Cream, to be exact) instead of their special solution and a toothpick instead of their 'tool'. The process was the same. I painted my nails with white nail polish and left to dry. Then I poured some face cream in a small container and draw lines with nail polish on the surface. I used a toothpick to create the marble effect and dipped my nails in the cream. I rinsed the nails and voila. 
Nail Marble Art with Face Cream

The result isn't perfect, since I was just trying it out, but it works. It's easier and faster than water marbling, definitely cleaner and you use less nail polish too. The main problem was my container wasn't deep enough, so I couldn't dip my nails like I should have... But if you take your time and try it out, I'm pretty sure you can come up with some amazing results. The nail on my index finger came out best. Just a little face cream, people. No fancy nail art set needed. =) 
Nail Marble Art with Face Cream

Would you consider using this technique for nail art?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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