Thursday, August 22, 2013

New is Always Better

You know that Barney Stinson rule about new always being better? Well, I have new photos of Essence nail polish from the Show Your Feet line called Kiss of the Mermaid. You've already seen it on my blog more than once, but I just can't help it. I wear it all the time. 
Essence Show Your Feet Kiss of the Mermaid

My nails are getting longer without breaking all the time. Those biotin capsules I told you about are really working. =) Another thing that also worked for me was wearing NailTek Foundation II as a base coat all the time, but it made my nails yellow, so it's not my favorite choice anymore. Plus, it's faster to just apply nail polish and skipping the base coat ceremony. 
Essence Show Your Feet Kiss of the Mermaid

I've had the luck and pleasure to photograph Inachis Io aka The European Peacock almost two years ago and I was lucky again this year. This one was flawless. What a beauty!
Inachis Io - The European Peacock

I bet this colorful pattern could inspire a manicure or two. What do you think?
Inachis Io - The European Peacock

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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