Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Sum-Up #58

Cat candy in the form of Aishila instead of intro. Seems appropriate.


Peppa, Pippi and I are bonding. We're slowly getting there, but I still don't have any proper photos of them. We have to get to know each other first. I let them out of the cage every day to run around in my room and they seem to be pretty happy little cavies. I had to learn what 'popcorning' means - I already though they were sick and having spasms... =) Well, I'm doing all I can. 
Peppa the Guinea Pig

I knew this day was gonna come when my sister gave birth to Vita back in September 2009. I'm not too fond of painting the nails of babies, children and/or animals, so I hoped it wouldn't happen too soon. Vita is now almost 4 years old and she asked me to paint her nails. =) She couldn't pick one color, so we chose 5 different pink/purple polish shades and did this ombre/skittle manicure. From pinkie to thumb: Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Hoola Hoop, Essence Colour & Go in Very Berry, Beauty UK Glam Nails in Fuchsia, Essence Colour & Go in Break Through and Essence Colour & Go in Oh My Glitter. 
Vita Manicure

I had to bedazzle my Kiss of the Mermaid manicure by adding a little fiery flakies to it - Essence Waking Up in Vegas aka Dance Top Coat from the Re-Mix Your Style TE. It looks like lava. Hot and summery. The removal was everything but pleasant though. 
Essence Kiss of the Mermaid + Waking Up in Vegas

I wore Essence Soak Up the Sun from the Sun Kissed Trend Edition for a whole week. I used Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer over it and it lasted and lasted. The grown out nails started to bother me before the polish would chip. Nice to say that for a change instead of whining about polish that chips on the first day. =) 
Essence Soak Up the Sun

Flower of the week(s): Hydrangea. Pink one this time.

Word of the week(s): Procrastination. I mean... how can I get anything done when there's so many funny cat videos on the internet? 
SpongeBob Procrastination


Posts of the week:

Mirma Natalia posted swatches of the new Dance Legend Chameleon Collection which features 6 gorgeous duo- and multichrome shades. They are seriously AWESOME! My favorite is Celia. And yours? She also posted swatches of the China Glaze Autumn Nights Collection for Fall 2013. Great swatches which will definitely help me with my decision on buying/passing the shades. Thanks, Mirma Natalia! =)

You can see the 4 new piCture pOlish Collaboration Shades swatched on Fashion Polish - including my Freya's Cats shade. They all look so great on Sam, but then again, what doesn't look good on her perfect nails? I also loved her post on Lacquer Lust Birthstone Collection. Polish shades coordianted with the month of your birth? Hell yeah! My favorite shade is Tanzanite which happens to be the shade of December (along with Zircon) and that's also the month of my birth. Oh, who cares... I like them all.

Here's another one for the duo/multichrome nail polish lovers. Emily from Very Emily posted swatches of the I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chromes. Four shades filled with all the colors of the rainbow. Magical. 

To continue with the indie polish brands, Sarah from Samarium's Swatches posted swatches of 6 Takko Lacquer shades. All of them are very special and unique shades and they make me wanna re-think my decision of not buying indie nail polish. 

I believe I found the most perfect shimmery brown nail polish thanks to Natalia from NailBamboo and her photos of Models Own Pro Burnt Toffee. Her swatches of the Dance Legend Wazowski shade are spectacular and I think I need Golden Rose Rich Color #41 in my life. 

Looking for a silver chrome nail polish? Lena from Beauty Lenina posted photos of the Morgan Taylor Could Have Foiled Me. Perfection. 


Music of the week:

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