Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nail Polish Comparisons

There's a special little sticky note on my computer desktop where I keep the names of the polishes I think look alike. When I used China Glaze Galactic Gray, I though it looks a bit like a England Fated Prince, Born Pretty Holo Polish reminded me of Saint George and so on. Today I finally took the time and checked them out side by side. Only four duos made it to my list this time, but I still hope you find it useful. 
a England Fated Prince VS China Glaze Galactic Gray
Fated Prince VS Galactic Gray - the holographic shimmer in China Glaze is finer and not so strong as in Fated Prince. Galactic Gray also appears to have more purple in it.
a England Saint George VS Born Pretty Holo Polish #12
Saint George VS Holo Polish #12 - Saint George is darker and more vibrant, but the holo shimmer appears to be stronger in Born Pretty polish. 
Gosh Black Passion VS Beauty UK Black Denim
Black Passion VS Black Denim - I thought they were dupes, but as you can see, the silver shimmer in Black Denim is bigger and shines through more than in Black Passion. 
piCture pOlish Cosmos VS piCture pOlish Freya's Cats
Cosmos VS Freya's Cats - they're both blue shades with scattered holographic shimmer. I just wanted to let you know the difference between them. Freya's Cats is more on the jelly side, while Cosmos looks really deep. 

If you have any other suggestions for side by side nail polish comparisons, let me know! 

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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