Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gorgeous 'No Name' Nail Polish

Hate to love this polish I'm about to show you for one simple (yet very annoying) reason: no name. No brand, no name, no number. Just one of the most perfect shimmery purple polishes I've seen in a small round-ish bottle. WTF? I'm gonna call it the 'gorgeous no name polish' aka GNNP. 

China Glaze, Charmed I'm Sure + 1 coat of GNNP

China Glaze, Queen B + 1 coat of GNNP

Why? Why would anyone make this perfection of a color AND formula (!!) to stuff it in a small bottle with no real value? Yeah, formula is great. Have to be careful with the application because of the visible brush strokes, but other than that - awesome. It's almost a 1-coater too. I like it better when layered 'cause it looks deeper this way. What a shame... I bought it in a local drug store for € 0,99 

C'mon. Look at it and tell me it's not so very pretty. Can you?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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