Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Inni Nail Vinyls

Inni Nail Vinyls

Oh, the excitement of hearing about cool new nail stuff... Good news come from Finland this time in form of Inni Nail Vinyls. What's so special about them, you ask? Well, making nail stickers with the motif of your choice has never been so easy.

1) Go to Inni.com; there you can choose from designs in the gallery or you can create your own design by clicking Open Studio. Choose your background and add elements to the design. You can go as wild as you want to... or dare to. =) Oh, you can also change the size/length of the nail to make it look more like your nails and to get a better preview of what the decals will look like on you.  
Inni Nail Vinyls

As a bacground you can use your own photo from the computer, photos from the web, elements from the page, or make a simple gradient - like the vinyls Katja (the CEO of Inni) is wearing on the photo below. 
Inni Nail Vinyls

2) Once you're satisfied with your design, save it and add it to your cart. All of the nail vinyls cost $8.90. Shipping is free (at the moment) and they ship internationally

3) Keep calm, paint your nails and wait for the order to arrive. =) 

I know how simple and easy it all is, since I've tried it out myself from start to finish. I got this beautiful envelope just a couple of days after placing the order.
Inni Nail Vinyls

And in the envelope: nail vinyls (28 pieces in different sizes), nail file and instructions. I must say it was the most genius idea to add the little paper ruler on the instructions. It was so much easier to find the perfect size for my nails with it. 
Inni Nail Vinyls

I knew it from the start what the motif for my nail vinyls was going to be. I wanted to include Vita, since she's a huge part of my life and I wish you could have seen her little face when I showed her the decals. Smile: happines and pride. Mission accomplished! 
Inni Nail Vinyls

The application of the vinyls was easy, just like with any other nail foils/decals/stickers - clean your nails, find the right size, apply the decal, file off the excess. They're not the thinnest, but don't feel thick on the nails either. The adhesive on these is very strong - the strongest I've tried so far and when I removed one of the stickers from my nail, it actually peeled off the top layer of my nail as well. 
Inni Nail Vinyls

I've tried quite a few different brands and types of nail stickers, foils, vinyls or whatever they're called and I have to say these are my favorite so far (water nail decals don't count here). Reasons:
- You can make your own decals with your own photos. The process is easy and quick.
- Relatively low price and free shipping.
- Quality. They stick really well, they don't tear and they don't 'shrink' on the tips of the nails.
- The variety of sizes and the amount of stickers. 
Inni Nail Vinyls

I only did one hand this time (to try it out), since I have other products to try, but I'm gonna use up the rest of them as accent nails. Right now, I'm wearing only one on my thumb nail and I love it. =) 
Inni Nail Vinyls

You can make and buy your own nail vinyl designs on Inni.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

*Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

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