Monday, December 16, 2013

piCture pOlish Collab-Fest 2013

Today is the piCture pOlish Collab-Fest 2013 day. All the bloggers are showing their piCture pOlish collaboration shades and since I'm one of them - here's my little precious Freya's Cats
piCture pOlish Freya's Cats by Nihrida

It felt unreal when piCture pOlish contacted me and asked me if I want to make a collaboration shade with them. I'm so honored to be a part of it and feel incredibly lucky to have my very own nail polish shade. It's all I ever wanted and I must say they did a great job with it. Coming up with the color and finish isn't easy when you want to make something special, but actually producing it... well, that's a whole other story. =) 
piCture pOlish Freya's Cats by Nihrida

I knew what kind of polish I wanted, but I didn't know how will the nail polish community accept this shade. As it turned out, Freya's Cats is doing quite well and is loved by many of you - nail polish lovers. =) And that makes me very, very happy. I hope PP will continue with the collaboration shades and that every blogger will eventually get their shade... 
piCture pOlish Freya's Cats by Nihrida

''An electric blue jelly holo (scattered) that has no glitter. Freya's Cats contains a holographic shimmer that ehances this vibrant shade - she just shines!'' You can see my original Freya's Cats post HERE
piCture pOlish Freya's Cats by Nihrida

You can check out other piCture pOlish collaboration shades on the piCture pOlish website. You can also find them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out their Network page to find the sellers near you. 
piCture pOlish Freya's Cats by Nihrida

Tell me: which is/are your favorite piCture pOlish collaboration shade/-s? 

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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