Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Essence - Miss Universe

Miss Universe is one of my latest Essence polishes. I like the color a lot, but don't like the name at all. I don't follow all these beauty contests, but we did have an interesting incident here in Slovenia regarding Miss Universe 2013. She claimed she was a medicine student and a Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra violinist... It turned out she was lying and hadn't even finished high school. =) Oh, the shame!
Essence Colour and Go in Miss Universe

Miss Universe is a dark teal blue shade with green and blue flaky shimmer. It looks pretty dark on nails, but the shimmer shines through, keeping the polish from looking too gloomy. 
Essence Colour and Go in Miss Universe

Essence, Miss Universe, 3 coats
Essence Colour and Go in Miss Universe

I adore how this polish looks on nails. It's dark but doesn't look black and I love wearing these type of shades. What can I do, I still feel best in dark clothing with dark nails. The only problem I have with it is its opacity. It needs 3 coats for full opacity without bald spots. It dries rather fast though due to thin formula. Here's how it looks outdoors on natural lighting. 
Essence Colour and Go in Miss Universe

By the way: I checked who were the top 5 contestants for Miss Universe 2013 (for the purposes of this post) and I think this one should definitely win. Spain and Patricia Rodriguez all the way! =)
Patricia Rodriguez

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