Thursday, January 2, 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche in Rebel Blue

I started off the year 2014 with L'Oreal's Rebel Blue on my nails. I picked this one, because I haven't used it yet and 'cause it was a gift from a dear friend of mine. 
L'Oreal Color Riche in Rebel Blue

L'Oreal, Color Riche, Rebel Blue, 2 coats
L'Oreal Color Riche in Rebel Blue

The first thing I noticed about this nail polish is the brush. It's flat and very wide, but not in the Catrice-bushy kind of way. It's wide but thin. The application was very easy and it covers your nails perfectly. The formula was also great and very opaque. If I would have been more careful with the application, I could have gotten away with only 1 coat. I did 2 thin ones instead. I applied a layer of my favorite top coat over it - Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. It was all good until I decided to wash the dishes. The polish literally peeled of like nail stickers. It surprised me, 'cause that never happened to me before. I usually get chipped nail polish after dish-washing, but this was new to me. At least I didn't need a remover, right? I'm not sure if this was a one time thing (maybe my nails were oily prior to the application or something else) but I surely won't use it again soon. I don't have the time to paint my nails, hop into the shower a couple of hours later and see my nail polish peeling off my nails. That just won't do. 
L'Oreal Color Riche in Rebel Blue

I've been into nail polish for so long and I still haven't found the secret to long-lasting nail polish. Sometimes it lasts, sometimes it chips when I just look at it. I don't know if it's the brand of nail polish or my nails... What is your secret to long lasting manicure (if you have one)?

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