Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Preview: Catrice ''Creme Fresh'' Limited Edition

Catrice Creme Fresh Limited Edition

Wash-off pastels and 60’s flavour. The designers are heading into the Spring/Summer Season 2014 with sorbet shades and feminine retro silhouettes. Shift dresses, A-line skirts, blouses with round collars, cat-eye sunglasses, curved eyeliner and backcombed, up-do hairstyles à la Audrey Hepburn determine the look. Tone in tone, mint green, apricot and pink prefer to stay amongst themselves to create a delicate, sensual image. The new Limited Edition “Crème Fresh” by CATRICE presents the latest trend colours with a retro style from February to March 2014. The highlights include the Gradation Blush with gorgeous colour gradients in raspberry pink as well as the creamy Lip Balms with a semi-transparent texture. Meet the 60’s – by CATRICE. 

Catrice Creme Fresh Limited Edition Eye Shadow

Pastel Passion. The powdery eyeshadow with a soft texture creates a subtle eye make-up with a spring-like pastel look. Four colours including elegant cream, fresh mint green, soft candy pink and intensive chocolate brown make your eyes shine as bright as the stars with a silvery pearl effect. For wide-open eyes à la Jackie O. Available in C01 Jame’s Brown, C02 Another Pink Panther, C03 Evergreen 60s and C04 So Jackie O. Around 2,99€*.

Catrice Creme Fresh Limited Edition Blush and Lip Balm

Ombré Future. This blush with a soft texture is a true highlight in bright raspberry pink. The fashionable colour gradation picks up on the ombré trend and – applied with a brush - it ensures a rosy, fresh look on your cheeks as well as subtly modelling the contours of your face. Available in C01 Waterloo Sunrise. Around 3,99€*.

Beauty Patisserie. An indulgent shine with just a hint of colour. The limited Lip Balms by Crème Fresh have an especially creamy texture to ensure soft and supple lips. The semi-transparent bulk has a futuristic look, while the packaging with its graphic design has the retro charm of the 60’s. The almost see-through finish comes in pink, apricot and mint green. Available in C01 Another Pink Panther, C02 Evergreen 60s and C03 The Peach Boys. Around 3,99€*.
Catrice Creme Fresh Limited Edition Nail Polish

Swinging Sixties. Candy colours with ultimate coverage and ultimate shine. Perfectly aligned with this Limited Edition, four soft pastel shades as well as a bright colour highlight are storming the market with their 60’s packaging design. Light pink, fresh apricot, sorbet yellow, mint green and bright raspberry pink - all with a popular metal effect – are here to define your nail design. The extra-broad, reservoir brush ensures an accurate application. Available in C01 The Peach Boys, C02 Make Fast At Tiffany’s, C03 Evergreen 60s, C04 Another Pink Panther and C05 Light Your Fire. Around 2,79€*.

“Crème Fresh“ by CATRICE will be available in stores in February and March 2014. 

* recommended retail price

Check out the Creme Fresh trend nail design by Catrice on their YouTube channel.

I re-created the look using the BYS Pink Manicure, Essence Very Berry and H&M Bella's Choice.

Thanks for looking!

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