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For those of you who aren't familiar with - it's an online store that offers alternative clothing, jewellery, make up and accessories. I've browsed the site on numerous occasions and finally decided to actually place an order last Wednesday. This are the ordered items: Purchase
The package with my necklace and T-shirt arrived today - only 5 days after placing the order. I should mention I payed via PayPal which cost me additional 1,08 €. Although shipping was fast, it wasn't expensive. It was only 4,69 € from Poland to Slovenia. Purchase Purchase

I loved watching the original Addams Family series from the sixties as a child (I wasn't yet alive in sixties, but this show aired on TV here when I was about 10). I always thought Morticia Addams was one of the prettiest women and when I saw this T-shirt, it was a no-brainer. It's made of good quality fabric (cotton and elastane) and it fits perfectly. The size chart on website was really helpful here. And accurate too. 
Morticia Addams T-shirt

True Blood is another one of my favorite TV shows. I'm sure you all know the theme song, so how perfect is this necklace for a TB fan? It is huge, but not too heavy. I'll probably customize it a bit, since its chain is really long. I'll maybe even remove the red heart... There's too much happening in that part for my taste.  
I Wanna Do Bad Things With You - True Blood Necklace

This isn't a sponsored post. Both items were purchased by me with my own money. 

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