Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store 15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set

I consider myself to be a nail polish lover rather than a nail art lover. I just think nails are too small and (please don't kill me for saying this) unimportant to spend hours and hours on and then just see all the work being damaged by doing daily chores. I admire the people who do it and I love to look at it though - by it, I mean nail art. Funny coming from a nail polish blogger? Well, that's why you don't see any free hand nail art on my nails... 

There WAS a time (although it didn't last long) when I though I should give nail art a try. Just for fun and the fact I like to draw/paint in real life... That was when I got this 15 piece nail art brush set from Born Pretty Store. The set contains brushes in different sizes and shapes and a dotting tool. The bristles of the brushes are firm, but flexible and soft at the same time. They look like quality nail art brushes to me, but they're also the first ones I've actually tried... 
Born Pretty Store 15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set

I tried to do a couple of different patterns/designs and failed miserably. This just isn't for me. Maybe it's the lack of passion for it... I don't know. I can paint a straight line in real life, but painting on my nails was just too much for me. I did this distressed nail art (introduced to the nail polish world by Chalboard Nails) before giving up completely. It looked good enough for me. =) 

First I painted my nails with white nail polish for a base (Color Club French Tip). Then I used Essence nail polishes in Very Berry and Passion for Fashion along with the white fan brush to do the 'colored mess' on my nails. 
Born Pretty Store 15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set

After it all dried, I used black nail polish for the distressed look and topped it off with Essence Better Than Gel Nails top sealer. 
Born Pretty Store 15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set

This is how my nails looked at the end. Like it? 
Born Pretty Store 15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set

I liked the finish look, but I think I'm gonna stick with the regular nail polish. Chips on my nails give me enough hard time even when it's only a layer of regular polish on it. If I spent hours on doing my nails, just to get a chip one hour later... I'd be like:

Brushes are really nice though and it's really a shame not to use them. I already packed them up and moved them into my art brush holder - they'll be great for painting details on my paintings. =) 

You can buy this 15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set on Born Pretty Store (here's a direct link) for only $5.00.

*Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

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