Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: RoseWholesale.com Black PU Jacket

Don't worry, I'm not turning into ''fashion'' blogger, I'm just collection experience. =) I got this PU jacket for review from Rosewholesale.com - an online fashion clothing store. Another store with a lot of items to choose from and affordable prices. I usually buy clothing items on Ebay, where everything seems easier... But let's see how this turned out for me. 
Rosewholesale.com Black PU Jacket

I chose this fake leather jacket, because let's face it: I can never have to many black jackets. The jacket was $19.73 (here's the original listing) and shipping costs to Slovenia were $7.46 which is a pretty good price if you ask me. It took more than a month for the package to arrive and I must say the jacket didn't arrive in the best condition. It's been folded a lot and packaged so tightly, it was full of lines and wrinkles. It took me over a week to straighten it out. Quality wise it's not the best I've seen, but worth the price tag. I had to cut off a couple of loose threads and that was it... Other than that it's all cool. The zipper is working and everything is sown together just fine. 
Rosewholesale.com Black PU Jacket

There are a lot of different ways you can pay for your items on Rosewholesale.com, but I suggest PayPal, because of their buyer protection program. You know - just in case something goes wrong. Another thing you want to be careful about is picking the size of your clothing items. Measure yourself carefully and pick the right size for you, even if means you'll have to order an XL item! Remember: Asian 'one size fits all' usually means XS-S size. ;) 

*Jacket was sent to me for reviewing purposes.

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