Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Sum-Up #64

Snow finally happened. Not that I wanted it... It's all messed up - reports of snow in the countries where they don't normally have it and we're having one of the warmest winters. Mother Nature having a menopause? 

While other furry ones avoid stepping into the snow at all costs, Bombi and Lisa aren't as careful. Although this photo of Bombi shows he doesn't look too happy about it. His ears back and the look... 

I posted a review of four Dance Legend polishes from the Caviar collection one week ago. I mentioned they're all 3-coaters. You know I'm not really into polishes that require more than 2 coats for full coverage, but they can always be good for layering. I tried exactly that. I layered them over colors in the same shade as their base. From top to bottom: Blue Regal over American Apparel Mount Royal, Zebrasoma over a England Galahad, Pseudochromis over Essence Gabriella, Dorado over China Glaze 2030.
Dance Legend Caviar Nail Polish

Zebrasoma over a England Galahad and  Blue Regal over American Apparel Mount Royal.
Dance Legend Nail Polish

I found this photo of Barry M Copper in my photo stash and since I haven't posted it yet, here it is. I believe these were 3 coats.
Barry M Copper

FNUG released the promo photos of the Spring 2014 Collection. Four new shades (as always) perfect for spring. You can find them (and many more shades) on FNUG website.
FNUG Spring 2014 Collection

So, I was watching TV at my BF's house (I don't get TLC channel at home) and saw this show where a strange little lady with huge peroxide hair claims to speak to the dead. I can say I'm not a fan. Neither of the show, of the way she speaks and looks... but mostly of her nails. Once I've noticed them, I couldn't focus on anything else. I really don't know... We all have different tastes when it comes to nail length and shape, but this? How in the world is this aesthetical? I'll never understand. To me, they look like diving fins and that's all the way not a good thing. 
Theresa Caputo's Nails

Here's the list of the latest movies I've watched: Stoker, Catching Fire and Her. The first one made the most impact and if you're into creepy, weird dramas, then this is a movie for you. 

My Moleskine sketch book is not empty anymore! I feel such recpect for blank pages... I never know whether the sketch/drawing is gonna turn out OK or completely crappy. When it's just a piece of paper, it doesn't matter that much, but when it's a precious Moleskine... I was very nervous when I started drawing this Vincent Price portrait. Does that make any sense? 
Vincent Price Portrait

Big drawings often take too much time and that's why Moleskine is perfect. It's measurements are only 9X14 cm, which means smaller sketches/drawings, which mean less time consuming. Here's my version of Walter White aka Bryan Cranston. Mechanical pencil and white gel pen. 
Walter White aka Bryan Cranston Portrait

Natalia Kills. Colored pencils and gold marker.
Natalia Kills Portrait

A parrot. Watercolor pencils and colored pencils.

Goldfish. Colored pencils.
Goldfish Colored Pencils Drawing

Sweeney Todd aka Johnny Depp. Mechanical pencil, tinted graphite (Derwent Graphitint) and white gel pen. 
Sweeney Todd aka Johnny Depp Portrait


Posts of the week:

Sveta Sanders from Lakoman posted photos of China Glaze Don't Be a Lunatic. The polish is OK, but her nails are to die for. And so are her photos. 

What do you get when you combine Dance Legend Orlando with gradient and stamping? Well, if you're anything like Kitties26 from More Nail Polish, then you're gonna end up with a gorgeous manicure. I love the look of the flakies peeking out of the black tear shaped 'windows'.

Sarah from Samarium's Swatches posted swatches of the Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection. I still hate the bottle shape, but the colors are pretty nice. 

Another example of perfect nails combined with perfect photography - Golden Rose Rich Color #110 by Natalia from Nailbamboo

China Glaze's Hologlam Collection isn't news anymore, but I still recommend you to check out the swatches by Anna Gorelova

Want more perfection? Masha from Lacquer Lawyer posted amazing photos of China Glaze Mingle With Kringle. Gorgeous!

Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... posted swatches of three China Glaze Crincle Chrome shades. Another one, who says they're better in real life. =)


Music of the week:

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