Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Essence Bloom Me Up Tools TE Eyelash Curler

And here's one of the reasons I don't trust Essence when they say which country will get a certain TE and which ones won't. Tools from the Bloom Me Up trend edition shouldn't have ended up in Slovenia, but did after all. I stumbled upon a full display of the tools in Müller store (which is a German drugstore, so that might be the reason why the products are sold here). I wasn't in a really good 'buying' mode, so I just grabbed the eyelash curler
Essence Bloom Me Up Tools TE Eyelash Curler

This isn't my first encounter with an eyelash curler... I've tried the Manhattan ones and the Tana ones. I wasn't impressed by any of them and didn't thought they really made much of a difference. So, I'm not completely sure why I bought these ones... They were 3,29€ which is pretty cheap. They don't look exactly like the ones on the Essence promo photos, but they're alright. 
Essence Bloom Me Up Tools TE Eyelash Curler

My lashes aren't in the best condition. Remember how they looked when I was still using the Xlash serum? They were longer and curled... but they don't look like that anymore. Xlash is great, but, sadly, the effect isn't permanent. And I miss my long, curled lashes. That might be one of the reasons I've bought these. Directions are easy and simple and like with all eyelash curlers lashes need to be clean, dry and mascara free prior to curling. 
Essence Bloom Me Up Tools TE Eyelash Curler

After trying out the Essence Bloom Me Up Eyelash Curler, I did notice my lashes are more curved. But I don't think anyone else will notice it. It's actually another more or less useless item in my make up drawer. It works and in my eyes, it's no better or worse from the other two curlers I've tried. I just don't find it an essential make up tool. Don't know why I keep coming back for these... 

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